Monday, 29 June 2015

So, I didn't get as much crafting as I thought I would with my husband away. I guess I didn't have the motivation I thought I would!

But I did get some stuff completed. First, I finished week 11 of my Inspiration Wednesday class. I really like this week and the technique.

As a matter of fact, I liked the technique so much I used it on another project. I signed up to an Art Journal swap. I had to make anywhere from 3 - 10 art journal pages. They had to be 5 X 7 and the theme was Go Crazy so I just decided to have fun with this technique and my other paints and stuff. I ended up doing 6 pages, though 3 were the same (the Be Bold ones). I also had to make sure the back had something on it rather than being plain. 

Overall I think they turned out ok. I hope the others in the swap who get them think so!!

I also did up a page from my Monday Night Class Calendar club. I had some fun pictures of my nieces from when they visited a farm and were playing with baby goats! Sometimes it is fun to just do a page someone else has designed. No thinking involved!! It was too hot to think this weekend.

So hope you all have a fun crafty week my peeps!

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