Tuesday, 12 May 2015

I did quite a bit of art journaling this weekend too, since I spent the entire day Sunday in my craft room!

I finished the May Express Yourself Challenge for SOD/SOE. It was fun, as we were supposed to use vegetables to make stamps!! I used a carrot, a potato and the stem of a mushroom to make the smaller critters on this page. And I had the basis for the page started earlier as I had used some left over color from another page and blotted it on this page - and everyone I showed it to said it looked like a butterfly. So I decided to just turn it into one!

I also started working on week 7 of my Donna Downey Inspiration Wednesday class - I am almost caught up!  I am really loving this class. Always so much fun. And this week seemed to go really fast as there wasn't a lot of time needed for stuff to dry!

I should be finished this one today - so I went out and got the letters I needed to start week 8! I am so into this - I just want to stay home and craft all day and night!!!

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