Wednesday, 28 October 2015

I haven't had a chance to scrap much since the library crop, but I have gotten a bit of art journaling in - inspired by the event and some of my other groups.

I think this was one of my favorite parts of our library event - the journal round robin. We had 8 ladies participate and we all ended up with an amazingly unique journal page/layout. Limor Webber showed us this really cool idea - you have a group of ladies all come with their art journal or a page they want to work on along with some supplies of their choice. Then you each start with your own page and do something to it for a set amount of time (we chose 8 minutes to start, then after a few rounds had it go down to 4 minutes). When the timer goes off you pass off the journal you have to the next person. You go until you get your own back. The result is a totally cool and unique journal page/layout.

This is my take on the September/October Express Yourself Workshop with Scraps of Elegance/Darkness on Facebook. The funniest part of this is that I had seen the photo for this month's workshop but hadn't read what to do for it. Then at the La Crete crop back in September I started this page. Then when I saw the photo for this month's workshop again and realized it was the workshop, I had already done about the first half of the prompts! I am apparently psychic!  

And I have been working on my September and October classes with Dawn Pritchard and her Mixed Media Club. I still have work to do on both months but I really love how they are coming along.

Happy crafting my peeps!

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