Saturday, 18 November 2017


So day two of this weekend started out fabulously! Not only did we get spoiled with more goodies from the organizers, we also got our "30 things" from all the other attendees. The basic idea behind this was that since it was a Christmas themed crop everyone would bring 30 small gifts so that each person went home with a gift from every other participant. And the really cool part is that for the most part everyone made their things. We got the most amazing assortment of stuff. Check out all the goodies we came in to find on Saturday!

These are the goodies that were on our table.

this is a shot of the crammed full bag of 30 THINGS

And this is all those things spread out!

And one of the amazing ladies who attended made us all these fun - and SUPER YUMMY - cake in a jar!!!! Mine was S'mores flavored and DAMN was it ever good!!!!!!

Then the rest of the day was spent working on projects and doing more visiting. And doing classes too. I actually got a whole lot accomplished! I will do a separate post to show the pictures of the two big projects I got done. But here are the classes I did.

This is the wreath we made - used old  encyclopedia pages for it.

Jena was our fab teacher - Tammy and I had a great time with this class.

Then I did some painting - this is our supplies/getting started!

We used a palette knife for a lot of the painting. It was fun to just play around with it and not having to be so exact. The more abstract nature of the painting is 
what appealed to me the most!

And this is the finished painting. I just love the beachy nature of the painting. And since it is about as close to a beach as I am going to get for the foreseeable future it is a nice painting to look at on a daily basis that is for sure!

The other highlight of the day was Santa coming for a visit! We all got nice ornaments from him and got our pictures taken with him as well. A very fun day that is for sure!

And since it is so close to my birthday, I got some gifts too! I got super spoiled by my friends, that is for sure!!

This is my gift from the fabulous Donna!

This is the silent auction basket that I got at the event. I used my birthday money from parents for it - luckily I said that to the girl who was outbidding me or I might not have gotten it! LOL

And this is all the goodies that were in the basket - definitely a great deal!!

So since I took so many photos of the projects I was working on I will post them in a separate post. So till next time, stay crafty my peeps!

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