Tuesday, 23 February 2016

So I finished up another project last night. The story behind this one is kinda funny.  I was in a dress form swap that I completed yet never heard from my partner. This is what I made for her.

So after not hearing back from either my partner or the organizer for almost a week, I went on to my Chic Craftique site and asked anyone if they wanted to swap with me.  Well right after I got someone to swap with me and I sent it, I heard from the organizer that my partner sent me something.  I still haven't received it, but I wanted to make something for when it shows up so I can send it.

This is what I made!

My problem now is that I like this too much and want to keep it!!! Luckily I have a ton of dress forms in my stash so I am just going to make her something else - if I ever get anything from her that is!

Till next time stay crafty my peeps!!

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