Monday, 29 February 2016

So I spent most of the day Sunday in my craft room - but I can't say I feel that accomplished! I have about a DOZEN projects on the go but I really didn't finish much. LOL

The one thing I did get done was my March calendar page from my Monday Night Class kit.  It is so easy to do these kits when I have so many GREAT photos of my grandson to choose from.

Then the only other project I actually finished was the second last week of my 2015 Inspiration Wednesday class. My colours didn't turn out as pastel-like as Donna's,

But then I did a glazing layer using Titan Buff and that helped. Overall I was happy with the end result. Now only one week to go and I can move on to 2016!!

Then I started a whack of other projects - mostly to use up the paint I had on my pallet from Donna's class!

So I started a canvas with some of the leftover paint

As well as another canvas - I also added white crackle to this one

Then I started a set of 4 canvases - I used the new sculpture medium I got from W2Scrapbooking on this one!

And I started my dress form I got from the awesome Deb from Chic Craftique

And I started another journal page with more of the leftover paint

And a canvas to showcase my nieces Halloween costumes from 2015

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