Thursday, 13 July 2017


So I haven't done much crafting in the last week - had my nieces up for a visit so spent my time hanging with them. We had an absolute ball - love how they are growing up to be such wonderful women!!

But of course the ultimate part of my week/weekend was when I took them home. I got to go to Duran Duran with my best friend Christina! We have been waiting 30 YEARS for this to happen and it was MORE than worth the wait!

We started our weekend by going out to eat and then wandering around the mall to get in some of our steps. The funniest part was that at dinner we were of course talking about the concert and we had two ladies come up and tell us that they were going too. And it turns out one of them has relatives that live in High Level! Small world or what!!

Then we began our full day together by going back to the mall and getting our shop on! While walking in the mall the night before Christina had spotted her fav store of all time - TORRID. Of course we had to hit that - she got herself a TON of fab outfits and I got myself a couple nice things too. Of course we had to continue our tradition of getting a matching outfit. We looked GOOD!!!

We then did a bit of pampering - Christina wanted to get her toes done so we had to do that! And I even got some work done in the process!!

Then we were ready to start heading to the concert. I was so happy I had a friend in the city who was willing to do the driving. Saved me some grief. We had supper first - so yummy and we had a so much fun just gabbing and catching up.

And then it was concert time!! The opening act was ok - though we had no idea who they were half the time! Of course we just wanted them to get off the stage so Duran Duran would hit the stage. And then of course they did and we were on cloud nine!! Check out a couple pics from the concert, as well as a couple of videos.

And then of course the next day I had to grab some screen shots so I could have some more for my collections. Man - Simon Le Bon is still so YUMMY!!!! No wonder I am still so in love with him!!

And then the weekend was over and I had to head home. But of course I had to wear some of my new DD Swag on my trip home. And had to do a bunch of car dancing on the drive - made myself a playlist to match the concert songs so I could re-live the concert all the way home!!

So I do have a crop this weekend, as well as I got some crafting goodies in the mail today, so I will have more crafty stuff to post soon. Till next time, stay crafty my peeps!

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