Tuesday 31 October 2017


So didn't do a lot in my craft room this weekend - worked more on improving my dart game than I did on crafting! LOL. We did go to a Halloween party though so I didn't spend all weekend in my PJ's - check out our costumes!! We went as a Steampunk couple.

But yesterday a couple of my crafty friends and I did the second part of the Acrylic Paint Pouring class and it was a blast! I cannot wait to do more of this - I want to try it in my art journals and I am going to use some of the canvases that I did as backgrounds for altered canvases. Here is a look at what we did last night.

So this was Mary getting us all ready to go!

This was the first technique she showed us - called a flip and drag. I liked how this came out, but I think next time I will do it on a larger surface and I am going to use white as my negative space colour. A couple other people did that and I really like the end result.

This was fun though - this was done just dipping a canvas into the drippings from the first pour. No use in wasting all that paint!! this is gonna be a great background for sure.

And then this was the second canvas I did - this was my larger canvas and I did a puddle pour on this one. I just love how all the colours come out. Cannot wait to see how these look once they are dry!!

So the plan for November is to get more crafting done - as usual! I do have more swaps to finish and I want to do more art journaling and I am really liking this pouring thing. So till next time stay crafty my peeps!

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