Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Last night I did my first Acrylic Paint Pouring class last night. I have been dying to try it for ages but I wanted someone to actually teach it to me. I found that most (if not all) of the YouTube videos just didn't explain it enough for me! But Mary at Messy Joys and Arts made it so fun! Check out all the messiness!!!

So this was us all getting ready - don't you love all the plastic all over everything!! I think Mary knew this class was going to be very messy!!

Mary got all our paint ready for us for our first technique.

This technique is called flip and it is pretty self exploratory - you put your paint in a cup, turn that cup over on the canvas and then pull it up and let the paint flow. 

This is what it looked like when the cup was first removed.

And then this is what I ended up with after tilting the canvas. It is going to be interesting to see what the canvas looks like once it is dried as the colors can change as it dries.

The next technique she showed up was called a dirty pour. This is putting the paint into a cup.

And then this is what I ended up with after I just poured the paint on the canvas and then tilted it back and forth till it covered everything. Again I am interested to see how it looks once it dries to see how it changes as the pain dries.

The last technique was called swipe and I think this one is my favourite. You pour the paint on the canvas however you like and then use something flat to swipe the paint from one side to another. Then again you tilt the canvas until it is completely covered. As I said this one is my favourite - probably because of the colours I chose. I can't wait to see it when it is dry!!

So this is what the room looked like when we were done! This class was just amazing and I cannot wait to do it all again next week. Especially since we get to do a big canvas!!

So till next time, stay crafty my peeps!

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