Tuesday, 5 April 2016

I am going to have a contest! I am trying to get more followers for my blog so I thought what better way than to give out a prize!

Every time I get 50 more followers, I am going to give something away. So right now I have 22 followers so each of you will have your names put in the draw. As well, every new person that joins will also get their name in the draw. Once I hit 50 I will draw the prize!!

This first prize will be a custom scrapbook t-shirt with one of the following sayings (winners choice of saying as well as colour/size of shirt)

So please help me out my crafty peeps!


  1. I am already a follower and wish you good luck in your quest.
    Linda xxx

  2. today the day new follower you make bfull creative pieces hope get crafty peeps writing good luck.

  3. New follower , Great creations

  4. hi hun already a follower hope you get heaps of peeps love suzanne

  5. So glad I found you, another Canuck! Germaine