Tuesday, 26 April 2016

I got the chance to take better photos of the swaps I finished this weekend so wanted to post them.

The first is an altered mousetrap that is going all the way to Australia! I ended up doing a rat trap instead of a mousetrap. They are just so small and I wanted to do the bigger trap. What I find really funny is that even though there are no rats anywhere in Alberta, you can still buy rat traps - luckily for me and my partner!! I hope she likes it.

My other swap is a set of soup cans - and this swap is going to Denmark!

And my partner in this swap was a sweetheart and took the tags I had made for the Tag Your It game I was in. So they are in her package too!

I might not have a post again till I hit the city for my scrapbooking adventure, so till then - stay crafty my peeps!!

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