Saturday, 30 April 2016

The first day of classes with Dyan Reaveley was so AWESOME!!!!! Actually, awesome doesn't even really begin to describe how much fun today was! Dyan is so funny and warm and is really an amazing teacher. She showed us so many cool techniques that I now know so many different ways I can use all her products - which I already own cause I already loved them so much. Now I can do even more with them.  And I took lots of great pictures - it really was the most fabulous day.

I think this is my favourite picture of the day. This is what our hands looked like after only ONE of the great classes we did. It was just a blast getting all messy with my crafty peeps!!

The day started with us all getting our seats and Dyan giving us a run down of what we were going to cover in the morning class. 

Dyan tells lots of great stories while she teaches so had us all laughing all day while we learned.

Shannon and I got to play Vanna with the inks

Then we got to play with the inks

Dyan did lots of showing and telling while she taught us how she uses all her products.

Then in the afternoon we got to play with the paints! I think this last photo was my favourite of the day!! I still have to finish it by adding black but it was so fun!!  This is what Dyan was doing so as soon as I get this stencil/mask I am gonna finish this page like she did. Probably gonna do something like it in my journal too!!

It really was such a phenomenal day - lots of laughs and lots of learning. I cannot WAIT till tomorrow to do it all again!

Till then, stay crafty my peeps!!

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  1. Cool. The all day class we did was ink all day long. Loved taking her class. Glad you did too.