Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Well I didn't have a crafty weekend - I had a campy weekend! I went camping with my hubby and the dogs and we had an amazing time. We did a ton of walking, got in a great round of golf and I got some amazing photos to scrapbook at my next crop. Check out my pictures.

Got a great family selfie as we headed out of town

This is Louise Falls, NWT - this is where we were camping

This is Escarpment Creek - twice we have walked the path between this campground and ours and yet we still hadn't found the creek (it is a bit past the campground). But after talking to the caretakers at the campground we FINALLY got the right directions and found it!

And FINALLY got to see the falls there too! This is Escarpment Creek Falls. Really pretty - though not maintained like the rest of the falls so not easy to find!

This is another shot of the creek from another angle.

And of course the dogs had to take a drink from it!

On one of our walks the dogs spotted this squirrel on the path and chased it up a tree.

They didn't want to leave!!

We had to go the the beach too - this is Great Slave Lake. The dogs stuck close to Doug the whole time we were there. Moose even went into the water up to his belly - a first for him!

Oh course, was trying to take a selfie and Moose was not cooperating!

All in all a great weekend - and I will get some great layouts out of it! Till next time, stay crafty my peeps!

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