Thursday 10 August 2017

Well, I impressed even myself last night! I am in a a swap in one of my Facebook groups called a Circle Banner swap. It sounded really fun so I joined. This is the video that was our inspiration for the swap.

At any rate, the first two flags that I had to make were supposed to be mailed out by Monday, but with my busy week and our camping trip this weekend I didn't think I was going to make the mail out deadline. However, I decided to go down to my craft room and at least get them started. But what do you know? In an hour I had finished them! Pretty happy with them too. So I went from thinking I would be late mailing them out to being able to send them early! Check out what I did.

The second one still looks a bit too much like a pencil for my liking, but I am still pretty stoked that I banged them out in an hour! Of course it helped that I had one of the Ephemera kits that I purchased from Treasured Memories (check out their link I have below). That is where the elephant and much of the bling came from.

So once I get the flags from my partner and complete them I will post more pictures. In the meantime, stay crafty my peeps! 

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