Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Getting back into the swing of things after a nice relaxing holiday isn't that much fun. But I am getting there! Work is nuts -but mostly because I am all by myself most days.

I have been getting back into my craft room on a fairly regular basis, so that is good.  This is a layout that I did from my monthly calendar kit club through Monday Night Class. If you haven't had a chance you should really check them out. They make great kits. I tend to alter them sometimes depending on the pictures I have to use, but I really like them. Sometimes it is fun to follow someone else's ideas rather than having to think on your own! LOL

Check out their site if you want some great kits - I highly recommend the calendar club!

Monday Night Class

I also finished that canvas I was making for a friend but I have to get some more pictures of it before I can post it.

I did also realize that I had finished another layout that was also from a kit I purchased ages ago that was designed by my talented friend Nancy Malaka. Again I altered it slightly but the inspiration was so welcome!

Apparently this post has a theme - both these layouts were inspired by pictures of my fabulous sister and her girls. They are fun to scrapbook cause they are all so photogenic!!

Well till next time, stay crafty my peeps!


  1. Thanks for the compliments my fabulous sister :)

  2. Thanks for the compliments my fabulous sister :)