Friday 10 March 2017

My Name is Monica and I am an Art Journal-aholic! 

So I was so excited to get the mail yesterday because I knew the package I was getting had a new art journal in it - a brand new size that I didn't have yet. And then when I got home and looked at all my journals I realized that I have collected quite a few! I actually have 13 in various sizes/styles! I knew that I had been doing more art journaling lately - I have even been asked to teach a class. I just didn't realize quite how obsessed I had become. LOL. But after posting in a couple journaling Facebook groups I am in, I realized I am not alone. It's kinda like getting a tattoo - you can't stop at just one. Here are some pics of my obsession!

So this little landscape one is the newest in my collection - can't wait to break it in!

Then I had to put them all together in one shot!

Then I realized I had forgotten these two - one is finished and one is barely started!

Then as I discussed my obsession with others, I realized I am not the only one who has several on the go all at the same time. These are all ones I am currently working in.

And this is the page I am hoping to finish next. I just have to colour the image and work on the quote that I am putting in it and then it will be done.

So I will be spending most of my weekend in my craft room - doing more journaling and some swap projects. Till next time, stay crafty my peeps

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