Sunday, 8 April 2018


So had an absolute great day out in La Crete with my crafty pals Lisa and ShawnaLee. It was an early day but we really did have a lot of fun. And I got quite a bit done too.

It was a pretty packed house - a lot of crazy crafty ladies!

This is the first layout I did - there was a page contest and one of the requirements was that you had to use a picture of yourself (or you and your friends) holding a camera. Leona (the organizer) wanted us to showcase ourselves as cameras represent so much of what we do as crafters. I really like how mine came out, though I didn't win the contest.

And then I decided to do another layout  using a bunch of the leftovers from the first layout. 
And how could I not when I have such a cute subject to work with! LOL

Finishing when I did also ended up winning me a prize - we had to pass around an egg whenever we got a project finished I ended up with the egg when the timer went off so I got the prize. YAY ME!!

The next project I worked on was a kit that I started during the weekly craft nights that I attended in March. I wish the site that I got this kit from hadn't closed as it was a lot of fun to make and I really love how it came out. It also ended up being part of my inspiration for one of my design team projects that I am in the process of finishing. You will have to wait a bit to see that project, but here are pictures of the finished album.

I also won a couple other prizes - as with most crops everyone goes home with a door prize. And they had a few extras so I went home with one of those too. Not the big prizes I was hoping for, but still cool to win!!

And then I ended up with a dilemma! I knew I wanted to get an album for the cruise portion of our 2010 vacation I was working on. And I lucked out and found this one - not only was it perfect, it is a match to the paper that I am using for the pages of that album!!

But then I found this album - and it basically screamed "Monica - you HAVE to buy me!!!!!"

I ended up lucking out and getting them both as we were given a big discount coupon, which I used for the first album. And then I had loyalty bonus points I could use on this album. The best part is I stayed under budget and still got all I wanted. A good shopping day for sure.

I ended the day working on a couple pages to start my cruise 2010 album. I got one finished and the second started. I also ended up making one of my crafty pals (Gert) jealous, as I had the paper that she was looking for! LOL  My dad was even impressed with my layout. I figure I can finish the second layout today, but here is the first one.

All in all, a very fun day. It is nice for me to be able to go to an event and just have fun instead of being the organizer all the time when I am at a crop near/at home! So till next time, stay crafty my peeps!!

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