Monday, 2 April 2018

Upcoming Classes

Hey all my crafty friends! So not only do I do some teaching, I love TAKING crafty classes. My pal Tricia is so lucky as she lives in Edmonton and gets to take a TON of them at Treasured Memories. I am always trying to get some of the designers to come up to High Level and I just might be doing that this summer.

The AMAZING Glenda from Boozybear is hopefully coming up in June to teach some of her FANTABULOUS classes. It will be an all weekend session of creating. Everyone will go home with a large canvas, a small canvas and a couple of layouts in Glenda's phenomenal mixed media style. This is the main canvas we will be doing, and 18 x 24 Steampunk Balloon! Can you see why I wanted to do this one?!?!

And these are just some of the cool layouts she does. For the weekend classes she will be designing ones especially for us!

And this is another of her recent ones that I am hoping she might be willing to teach us! 
Fingers crossed!!!!!

We also have the ever popular painting classes that seem to be the thing to do up in High Level. The super cool Mary from Messy Joys & Art is going to be teaching this fun canvas in a couple weeks. Should be lots of fun.

I am hoping for a good turn out for both these fun events. So anyone who wants to come just let me know! Till next time, stay crafty my peeps!!

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