Sunday 24 May 2020

Yesterday was another crafty day for me! The first thing that I did was a bunch of organizing! I had been storing a lot of my kits and paper packs in banker boxes, but they were falling apart. Instead I ended up getting plastic containers. Of course, since they were not the same shape things didn't fit in the same way. But that ended up being a good thing as I did some purging and found a lot of stuff for donations for the next crop - if we ever get to have one again! LOL. Here is a before photo - which I almost forgot to take!!

These are the bins I found to use

And this is the end result of my organizing!!

I ended up having to get another container for all my kits from Boozy Bear!
I have a ton as you can see, and now I need to get some of them done!! LOL

As I said, I ended up purging quite a bit, so I have a start on my donations for the next crop.

We had another Zoom meeting this weekend, and this time we did a group photo as we were all wearing our Social Distancing Scrapbooking t-shirts. Took a bit but we made it work!!

We even did one all holding our Creative Scrapbooker Magazines! Not sure we will get in the magazine as it isn't a high enough resolution photo, but we are gonna try and fix that!

I had to get a selfie too!

After all the organizing I actually got some crafting done. I did a couple more layouts for my nieces grad gift albums. Love how they came out!

I will likely be down in my craft room again today, so stay tuned for more photos. Till next time, stay safe and stay crafty my peeps!

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