Wednesday 28 October 2015

I haven't had a chance to scrap much since the library crop, but I have gotten a bit of art journaling in - inspired by the event and some of my other groups.

I think this was one of my favorite parts of our library event - the journal round robin. We had 8 ladies participate and we all ended up with an amazingly unique journal page/layout. Limor Webber showed us this really cool idea - you have a group of ladies all come with their art journal or a page they want to work on along with some supplies of their choice. Then you each start with your own page and do something to it for a set amount of time (we chose 8 minutes to start, then after a few rounds had it go down to 4 minutes). When the timer goes off you pass off the journal you have to the next person. You go until you get your own back. The result is a totally cool and unique journal page/layout.

This is my take on the September/October Express Yourself Workshop with Scraps of Elegance/Darkness on Facebook. The funniest part of this is that I had seen the photo for this month's workshop but hadn't read what to do for it. Then at the La Crete crop back in September I started this page. Then when I saw the photo for this month's workshop again and realized it was the workshop, I had already done about the first half of the prompts! I am apparently psychic!  

And I have been working on my September and October classes with Dawn Pritchard and her Mixed Media Club. I still have work to do on both months but I really love how they are coming along.

Happy crafting my peeps!

Monday 19 October 2015

Starting to recover from the fantastic cropping weekend I just had. Got all my goodies put away and took some better photos of my class projects.

Gelatos Class

Mixed Media Layout

Paint Like an Artist

The classes were all so amazing. Learned sooooo much and really just had the best time!

Sunday 18 October 2015

I think it is safe to say that our first annual HL Library Croptacular was a rounding success!!!

Great food - great company - and such great classes!!

And we are off! Everyone working away.

Taking a bit of a breather - one of very few I had!

The first class - gelatos ROCK

Day two - the second of Limor's great classes is underway

The mixed media layout gang - loved that some people got out of their comfort zone. Everyone's stuff turned out so amazing!!

Ok, I think this was one of my fav parts - Limor told us the great idea of doing a journaling round robin. Start with your own book/page, work on it with something for 8 minutes and then everyone switches! You go till yours comes back to you. Everyone ends up with the most FANTABULOUS page!! I wanna do this at EVERY crop I go to!!!!

The last class of the event - Paint like an Artist. So uber-cool!

The Paint Like an Artist Gang!

I really wanna thank everyone for making this event so successful! You all ROCK!!!!!

Tuesday 6 October 2015

So I had an AMAZING time crafting with the gals from down south at their crop in Webberville. Lana, Susan, Donna and all the girls there just put on such a great event!!! I got lots done, had tons of time to visit and even won prizes!

I started off by finishing up my album from Prima Art Venture that the wonderful Frank Garcia taught. I need to take some better photos of it, but I really like the end result!

Then I put together a kit that I ordered ages ago from GoGo Girl Scrapbooking. I love their kits - everything is pre-cut and you just have to assemble it.  They are especially good at crops when you are sleep deprived and can't think for yourself! LOL. I am going to fill it with pictures of Jeffery every Halloween!

Check out their site if you want to see the other cool kits they have:

Lana and the gang did several classes, and I took the mixed media layout one. I really liked how it turned out and I think I am going to put a photo of Doug and I in it!

Then I actually used some of my own brain power and did a layout using one of my fav pics of Jeffery. I REALLY like how it turned out - so much so that I submitted it for publication!

Then I ended my day by winning a bunch of prizes!

And to cap off the weekend, Sunday was spent doing some coloring and working with my Prima Doll Stamps!

It really was a fun weekend - especially the part where I WASN'T an organizer and didn't have to spend all my time looking after everyone! I just got to have fun!

Thanks again Lana and the gang for a GREAT time! 

Stay crafty my peeps!

Thursday 1 October 2015

So I am completely caught up on all my swaps now! I just finished the last and got it mailed out this week.

I had to make ATC's with a Halloween theme. We only have to make one, but I just like doing them in threes, so my partner gets a couple extra. Hope she likes them!

And now I am getting ready to pack and head to the Peace River area for an all weekend crop.  Can't wait to get my craft on with a bunch of great ladies!! And the best part is that since I am not an organizer I get to just go and have fun and no stress.

Then two weeks from now I am hosting a crop. So when I get back I will be doing all the final prep for my High Level Library Croptacular Fundraiser.

Gonna be a busy few weeks my crafty peeps!