Wednesday 30 June 2021

Taryn's Grad Album is DONE!!!

Well I did it! I finished my youngest niece's grad album! I wasn't sure I was going to, even though I got the photos I needed. Mostly because it was so damn hot in my house, even in my basement, that I wasn't sure I was going to have the brain power necessary to get them done. But I did. I talked to my niece after her grad and what we decided to do was that I would use the photos I had on hand for grade 9 and grade 12 even though the grade 9 one was a bad copy and the grade 12 one not her favourite. I just made sure I didn't put anything over the photos (like flowers or anything) and this way when she gets the proper photos, she just has to print them and put them over the ones I used. I am even going to leave her a tape runner so she can do that. It worked out great as that way I was able to complete the whole album and not leave out any pages. 

Nothing like leaving the project till the last minute - even when I had a whole year to work on it! LOL!! But in the end it came together great and I am sure she is gonna love it. I cannot WAIT to give it to her this weekend! And now I am all ready for a bit of a holiday in the city. It is going to be nice to get out of town and see family. This pandemic has been so hard on everyone. Here's hoping we are coming to the end of it. Happy July everyone and will be back with more projects soon. Till next time, stay crafty my peeps!!

Tuesday 29 June 2021

More ATCs done!

So like I predicted, the weather was gross again so hiding in my craft room was the place to be in my house! And I was able to finish off the Gnome ATCs that I started on the weekend. I really love how they turned out!

And today my sister was able to get me photos of Taryn's graduation, so I am thinking I am going to actually be able to finish her book before we go to the city! Fingers crossed!!! Till next time, stay safe and stay crafty my peeps.

Monday 28 June 2021

More Projects Finished

As I said, with the heat wave continuing, the only livable place in my house is my craft room, so I got more stuff done this weekend! I ended up finishing off those ATCs that I started and I am using them for the August crop for the Amy's Art Alchemy group. To start them I had used the left over glimmer paint I used for my flip flop ATCs and I added Ranger Enamel Accents to them to give them a pop of black. Then I got the idea to add die cuts and sayings from Art by Marlene to complete them, as the colours and images of her die cuts went great with the backgrounds I created. I absolutley LOVE how they came out!!

Then while working on these ATCs, I got assigned a partner for ANOTHER ATC swap, so I decided to make those as well! I had a couple ATCs that I had started the backgrounds for, so just added some text and images to them and BOOM - another swap in the bag!

I also got another set of ATCs done for a third swap I was in, but I can't finish them as they still need to dry and set. But they look pretty cute so far!

Since the heat wave isn't expected to be done any time soon, I figure I will get a bit more crafting done this week. So till next time, stay safe and stay crafty my peeps!

Sunday 27 June 2021

Treasured Memories Glamping Crop - Day Two

So day two of the crop was definately a succes - though at one point I thought it was going to take me ALL day just to do the first layout I started! But it all came together and I did get a lot done in the end. The layout I started at the beginning of the day was another of the layouts for Taryn's album, and I was able to use it for the first challenge, which was to use orange. It was for her Spanish Band photos so I wanted to use the Day of the Dead stamps and colourize dies that I have. It was the dies that really made it take a while, but I did get it done!!

Once I got back from swimming and got this page done things went faster from there and I got a fair amount finished! The next challenge was Light and Bright, and I used the stencil from our goodie bag, along with Crackling Campfire Distress ink to make a quick card.

Next up was the out of the box challenge. I decided to use the ATCs that I started for the next Amy's Art Alchemy swap for this challenge. I haven't quite finished them yet but they look good so far!

After the supper break it was time for the second make n take of the day (I didn't do the first one as it was the layout that I scraplifted for Taryn's album. I will do it eventually, just not during the crop!). This time it was a cute little pop up card. So adorable!!

I find it always so fun to do these Zoom crops - especially when one of the gals will take a photos of us all working away on our projects!! We all look so industrious!!

The last two challenges of the day were to do something with a wood/bark theme and do do something using texture. For the wood theme I did a layout with more camping photos and used up all the die cuts from the goodie bag that I made on night one. Love how it came out!

Then for the texture challenge I finished off a project that I started during the Maker Mania 3 event! This was a mixed media art board project that Scrap Addicts posted for the event, but I ended up doing it as one of Taryn's layouts for her grad book. Because it used water colour it actually made part of the page a little flimsy (all that water - go figure!) but I was able to just add some thick paper behind the page and it was all fine. I really love how it came out - great inspiration from that class for sure!

Once I had all the challenges finished, I spent the rest of the crop working on more layouts for Taryn's book. And what do you know, I got the rest of the pages done! I am as finished with the book as I can get because I am still waiting on photos from her Graduation Day, as well as her official grad photo and her grade 9 photo that we don't have a good copy of. So I think I did pretty good, even with leaving it this late to complete. I love how the last few pages came out. I ended up using kits from Treasured Memories for a couple of them, and inspiration for another one from another of the Maker Mania 3 classes.

All in all, another successful crop day. And I won a prize again - that is two crops in a row (which NEVER happens!). And now since it is still so stupid hot I am going to go swimming again, and then come back downstairs and do more crafting! So till next time, stay safe and stay crafty my peeps!

Saturday 26 June 2021

Treasured Memories Glamping Crop - Day One

Well I had a pretty good start to the crop weekend I have to say. I got a fair amount of stuff accomplished, so that is always a great way to start a crop! 

I started the crop, as I normally do, by doing the first make n take and the first challenge. The make n take was a cute little camper - and I stole ideas on how to do mine from some of the other girls in the crop.

Then for the first challenge I used a couple of the die cuts we got to make a cute little card that I will probably end up sending with one of my swaps.

Up next I did the last challenge of the night, which was to have a flame/fire inspired theme. I used the photos from our first camping trip of the year and one of the die cuts to do a layout about making my fire. I even made my own fire for the layout!!

My biggest thing this weekend that I had to do was finish off the grad album for my niece Taryn finished. I don't have that many pages left, but I also have to have it done before we go see her next weekend so the ones I had left were a must to do!! I figured I would use the make n take for day two of the crop and just modify it to do one of her layouts (I had ordered a second make n take kit so I could do just that!). I think it came out pretty great!

I love how this one came out - and I still have another kit left so that I can make myself one with more of my camping photos!

I finsihed up the day by putting together the rest of the die cuts that came with our goodie bag. I am planning to use them on more camping layouts, though not sure if that will be this weekend or once I get the rest of Taryn's book done.

No I am off to start day two! It is stupid hot still so I am planning on going swimming later, but I figured I would start off by doing a bit of crafting before I can go to the pool! So till next time, stay safe and stay crafty my peeps!!

Friday 25 June 2021

Crop Weekend is HERE!!

Well better late than never! I was getting a bit worried as my goodie bag for the crop this weekend had not shown up yesterday and I was thinking it may not arrive on time. Luckily I was worried for nothing as it arrived just in the nick of time! And it was definately worth the wait with all the great goodies we got this time!!

I am so looking forward to spending my weekend crafting in my very COOL basement because it has been stupid hot all week and my upstairs in my house is an absolute OVEN!! Thank goodness for fans is all I have to say! So till next time, stay safe and stay crafty my peeps!!

Wednesday 23 June 2021

Happy Mail!!

I keep forgetting to show the other happy mail that I have gotten recently! I swear this heat is melting my brain!!! First up I got a super cute altered spool swap in the mail. Absolutely LOVE it!!

And of course, as usual, I forgot until just yesterday to open my June stamp and stencil set from Brutus Monroe. Again, super cute!!

Next up was more crafty goodness from my crafty pal Dooreen - she really spoils all her crafty friends when she sends out these bags of goodies!! We can even use the envelope cause she decorates it so beautifully!!

I also got another swap in the mail - this time my Mini Slimline card fronts. They are all absolutely STUNNING!! The talent in these swap groups I am in is just phenomenal!!

Then yesterday I got three more cool swaps in the mail. First up was a super adorable bird house. Totally love it!!

Next was a amazing folio with just a TON of goodies to go with it. I still have to make my partner her swap but she knows I am a bit behind and isn't worried about it!

And last up was an absolutely adorable Summer theme pocket letter, again with a TON of extra goodies to go along with it. I got totally spoiled that is for sure!!

Now I just have to wait for my goodie bag and extras to arrive from Treasured Memories so I can spend the weekend cropping in my cool basement to avoid the heat wave we are currently having! Good thing I still have so much stuff to get caught up on!! Till next time, stay safe and stay crafty my peeps!!

Tuesday 22 June 2021

Amy's Art Alchemy ATC Swap Group - YouTube Sneak Peak

Wanted to share with you all the sneak peak video from one of the ATC swap groups I am in. The group is called Amy's Art Alchemy and there are swappers in it from all over the world! This is the second swap with them I have been in and yesterday my ATCs were in the sneak peak video that Amy did. You have to watch right till the end because mine are the LAST ones she shows during this video, but I think it is worth the wait! Check them - and me - out!!

Enjoy! And I almost forgot that I actually got down to my craft room the other day and did another layout for my nieces album! These last weeks have been nuts and I can tell one day from the next! I don't have many pages left, but leave it to me to have a whole YEAR to work on this album and I am still leaving it till the last minute! LOL

I DO need to get this album done though as we are going to the city for July 1st so need to finish it to take it with me. So I will have more posts soon, not to mention a crop coming up which will help me get it done! So till next time, stay safe and stay crafty my peeps!

FINALLY getting crafty again!

So I FINALLY was able to get a bit of crafting done this weekend, after we got back from our camping trip. I had a pocket letter swap to do so was able to get it done. I did it just a bit different and ended up making my partner two of them instead of just the one to make up for the fact that they weren't the normal size. I hope she likes them!

I also started work on my flip flop ATCs for the June swap in the one group I am in, then finished them once we got back from camping. I really love how they came out - pretty much what I had invisioned when I started thinking about what to do with the flip flop theme!

The first step was to paint them. Then to finish them I stamped the little bags I found and added 
gems to them to make them look more like flip flops.

I am hoping to get down more this week and next to my craft room as I still have a couple more swaps to finish, as well as Taryn's grad album! So till next time, stay safe and stay crafty my peeps!!

Thursday 17 June 2021

Where Has the Month Gone?!?

So we are already almost halfway through June and if you are following me you might be wondering just where the heck I have gotten to! I didn't think I had been that AWOL from crafting but I guess I have been. Between a bunch of family drama and work and getting out more with the nice weather crafting has tacken a bit of a back seat. But I have been working on some swaps, and I did get some happy mail so figured I would do a post to kinda get you all caught up!

To start off, I have gotten several really cool swaps in the mail this month. First up was one of the Steampunk tags I was swapping. Funniest part as that my partner received hers the same day I got mine! She spoiled me with extras too!

Next up, I got a fun swap that used toilet paper rolls to create the great items. So fun to see what people can do with every day items!!

Third was another swap from the same Canadian crafty group - this time a sweet ATC and holder. I absolutely LOVE these crafty groups that I am in!!

I am hoping to get down to my craft room before we head camping this weekend to finish off the swaps I have on the go, as well as I really have to get my nieces grad album done as we are heading down there in only a few weeks! So till next time, stay safe and stay crafty my peeps!