Tuesday 28 February 2017

So my crafty adventure of the weekend is over - and it was a LONG drive home yesterday! But I got a great surprise when I got home - a package from my crafty friend Wendy and her W2Scrapbooking store. Check out the video of my goodies! And make sure you check out her link below and do some shopping!

And I was definitely tired though when I did the video as I totally forgot that she was sending me something for another friend! That is why I seem so confused at the end!

So now I have to unpack and then re-organize for the library crop this weekend! Till next time, stay crafty my peeps!

Sunday 26 February 2017


So for day three of the crop, I wasn't going to be there all day, so I mostly visited and did some last minute shopping. I did finish one other layout that I had started the night before. I did a layout using a picture of my pals Debbie and Tricia in their costumes from Friday night and it needed a specific stamp to finish it off. Well Debbie brought me that stamp to use and my layout was perfect! Gotta love scrapbook pals that help you make your projects all they can be!!

Then the next part of my crafty adventure started, as I headed over to Scrap Addicts so I could take Cori-lyn's art journaling class. I have done many of these before, but I normally have to watch a video or just follow her instructions. So I couldn't pass up the opportunity to take the class with her at the store. And I am so glad I did. I came away with two fab pages and had a whole lot of  laughs! And of course being there in person meant Cori-lyn could write the word "sarcasm" for me as she has better handwriting than I do! LOL

Then for the final touches to my weekend I got to spend some quality family time with my nieces and my mom. The girls and I wend shopping and hung around Pokemon hunting at West Edmonton Mall and then we went with my Mom for a fantastic meal at a great Mexican restaurant in town. great end to a fun filled weekend.

So now I have to pack up to head home - and get ready to do it all again at home with my hometown crafty pals at the library crop next weekend. So till next time, stay crafty my peeps.


So day two of the crop was just as fun as day one, even without the costumes! And I actually got A LOT accomplished - for me anyway. I may not be able to crank out as many layouts as my pal Cathy, but I did really well for me. I got 4 done (well one had to wait till Sunday to be totally finished) as well as getting a bunch of cards made and participating in some challenges.

So I started off the day finishing off the birthday card that was going to my friend Paula. Now since it is for my design team, I won't show the end result yet. But I can show a sneak peak.

The next project I was doing was a layout for one of the crop challenges that Treasured did. They give you a bag with several items in it and you have to create something using everything in the bag. You don't have to use it all but at least parts of everything. I knew about these challenges from other crops so came prepared with a picture to use. I did a layout using a picture of my nieces from when they did ballet. Really happy with the end result.

Up next, I worked on yet another layout (anyone who knows me knows this is NOT usual for me!). This time I used a picture of my gorgeous granddaughter as the inspiration. I just LOVE this layout. Of course it is easy to create beautiful layouts with such great inspiration!!

Then we had a treat - one of the gals brought in some black lab puppies that were so adorable. I sent this pic to my hubby saying I won the puppy as a prize - he was not amused. LOL But it was a fun break in the day.

Then after we got back into crafting, I worked on the next challenge they set out. I made an altered star, but I didn't take a picture as I wasn't happy with the end result. It did give me an idea on how to do something else though, so will post that idea when I work on it. And I did give the star to my pal Tricia who loved it so all worked out in the end. And I did end up with two cards that I liked so not a total loss.

I continued he card making theme by playing more with my new Tim Holtz Distress Oxide inks. I went back and re-watched his tutorial on them (check it out here is you like: Distress Oxide tutorial) to see how he got them to look the way he did. And I am really happy with the end result .I turned them into some fun cards using some of the freebie stuff we got in our goodie bags.

I also just made a simple card by stamping with the inks on some craft coloured pre-made cards. Love the simplicity of this compared to the others.  And of course it is cool how many different things you can do with these inks.

Then of course we had an amazing dinner - with these funky frog cookies for dessert. One thing you can always count on at a crop is fantastic food!!

Then last up for the day was working on one more layout. I guess I always planned on this being a layout weekend as I brought so many pictures to work with. I loved my family picture we took at Christmas, but didn't want to do a Christmas themed layout. So instead I used some of the great new Graphic 45 paper I got in my January Botanique SOD kit. Great kits like hers make great layouts!!

And one of the other best parts of the day - I won another prize. YAY ME!!

So was a really amazing day spent with some fab people. I love coming to crops and having so much fun. I will post my third day of crafty adventures later, so till then stay crafty my peeps.


So I have been having an absolute BALL at the crop at Treasured Memories that I came down to attend. The theme for this crop (as they pretty much always have themes) was Fairy Tales, so I came in my Alice in Wonderland costume. And for the majority of the night, I was the only one in costume! I guess sometimes a lot of people dress up and other times not so much. But I figured why not - I had the costume so always love an excuse to wear it.  My pals that invited me to the crop also dressed up - I brought a costume for Paula to wear but it really didn't fit her so she just wore the crown that they gave each of us at our table! As well, one of the regular patrons of the store and her husband are huge Disney fans and make a lot of Disney costumes, so they came to pose with attendees in their Beauty and the Beast costumes. Really amazing to see them - their costumes were PHENOMENAL!!!!

And since we were the only ones who dressed up we won the costume contest - this is the prize I won!

Of course, the first day of a crop is all about the visiting and the shopping but I did eventually get some stuff done. I started my March design team project for the Mixed Media Mojo blog, but I won't share that yet. For that project, as well as the layout I did, I was playing with the new Tim Holtz Distress Oxide inks that I got. Couldn't remember exactly how I had seen them used, so the end result was not what I was expecting, but happy with it none the less! And of course it is easy to create fun layouts when you have such photogenic grand kids.

After the long drive I had to get to the city I decided to call it a night after making this project. So I will post more about day two later. Till next time, stay crafty my peeps!

Thursday 23 February 2017

Now that I am safely in Peace River for the night and the first leg of my trip to the city is over, I have time to post the last of the swaps that I finished on the weekend. I did a set of ATC's for a swap for the group Scraps of Elegance and Darkness. Now normally you only have to do one ATC, but in a group I was in ages ago you always had to do at least three so I got into that habit and now whenever I do an ATC swap I do three. And I also had an idea in mind to do them as a set that kind of went together as well as being able to stand on their own. I am pretty happy with the result - the pretty much turned out how I had envisioned them. And I showed my partner and she was pretty happy so I guess I can say they are a success. Here are some pics.

So I hope you all like my swaps as much as I enjoyed making them. Now off to get some sleep so I can be well rested for the start of my crafty weekend tomorrow. Till next time, stay crafty my peeps!!
So the other swap I finished on the weekend was an altered shoe swap. My partner and I decided to do high heel shoes. I had a pair that I wasn't wearing anymore so thought I would use those. I meant to take a before picture but forgot (so will update the blog later when I get the chance to do that!)

So I hope my partner likes it as I had a great time doing this one! Here are some photos.

I have one more swap to share, but might not get to that till tomorrow. So till next time stay crafty my peeps!
Exciting things happening for me with crafting and my store! I am a Platinum Sponsor for the 10th Annual Great Canadian Scrapbook Carnival! I am giving aprons to all the embellished croppers and USB bracelets to all the regular croppers! How cool is that. Check out me in the fab apron!!

And check out the link for Carnival to get more info!

Till next time - stay crafty my peeps!
Got a chance to take some better pictures of the swaps I worked on over the weekend and edit them, so thought I would do some different posts about them.

First up, I had to make an ATB - or Artist Trading Block - for a swap. Normally they are not as big as the one that I did, but I had several of these blocks on hand so decided to use them. I found out that my partner liked Steampunk so that is the theme I went with. I am quite happy with how it came out. Here are some of the pictures.

I thought I would showcase each project in its own post, so till next time - stay crafty my peeps!

Wednesday 22 February 2017

Well my huge order for work went so much better than I anticipated - so much so that I was finished on Saturday. Which left me all day Sunday and holiday Monday to craft!! YAY FOR ME!!

So I was able to get quite a bit done. I finished off three swaps and was even able to get them in the mail today. I will do them in a separate post, as I still have to do some editing on the photos. But what I was really happy with is that I was able to finish off the last three days of the ArtMarks 30 Day Challenge prompts. I ended up not being able to finish them in the allotted 30 days, but I did get them done and I am really happy with how they all came out.

Check out Days 27, 29 and 30:

Day 27 - Continuous

Day 29 - Confined

Day 30 - Shiny

I really liked the shiny one - as soon as I saw the prompt all I could think of was the REM song "Shiny Happy People", So that is what I did. And one of my pals said she even got it without being a fan of the song, so mission accomplished.

And I even got myself all packed and ready to go for my trip to Edmonton this weekend. Really looking forward to the crop at Treasured Memories this weekend.!!

So I am going to try and get some pictures of the swaps I finished up before I head out tomorrow. So till next time, stay crafty my peeps!

Thursday 16 February 2017

The last few days have been really busy at work - I have over 2000 t-shirts to put decals on before next Tuesday - so I have not been in my craft room much. But I do have a couple things to share so thought I would take a break from making t-shirts and share!

I got some great happy mail when I went to the post office yesterday. I got my monthly kit from Scraps of Elegance and Darkness. Check it out!

I can not wait to play with it all - especially since my daughter-in-law just had some professional photos taken of the kids so I have a ton of pictures to scrapbook. Here are a couple I am thinking of using with the stuff from this kit.

The other project that I got finished was actually a quilt/blanket I made for Octavia - my new granddaughter. I do all the embroidery on it and then I have a friend who puts it all together for me! I LOVE how it came out!

So the t-shirts I am making are going pretty well, so I am hoping to get some time in my craft room this weekend. So till next time, stay crafty my peeps!