Thursday 30 April 2020

Since getting down to my craft room seems to be a daily thing, so are my blog posts. This pandemic is getting on my nerves for sure, but being creative certainly keeps me from going completely insane! I did more work on the Steampunk tag I am doing for a swap. I forgot to take photos of the next stage of the tag - I added shimmer pastes to the tag that I had painted black and added texture to. I will post those photos likely tomorrow. I also painted the figures I made out of the Stamperia soft clay. That was fun! Even with the soft clay there are some issues with them coming apart, but I will make it work! I love how they are looking.

More happy mail came for me yesterday too! I got another swap in the mail - two actually from the same person. We were partners in a butterfly tag swap and a Prima card swap. I love both of them, as well as all the goodies she gave me!

I decided not to do the follow along with Cori-Lyn from last night, only because it was just showing some techniques with how to stamp using a large stamp and the stamping platform. Since it was stuff I already knew how to do I didn't bother making a card. Instead, I ended up starting another journal page. I had fun back in February doing the Tracy Scott classes at Scrap Addicts and ended up joining one of her Facebook groups called Tracy Scott Creative Cafe. Last week she did a cool technique with some of her stamps and since I have several I thought I would try. Make sure to check out the video either in the cafe or on her YouTube channel. This one was really easy to follow (though the part where you block out the stamps by painting with a darker colour was a tad time consuming!)

The next step is to add the white pen detailing, which I will likely do tonight while I watch TV! Of course, that is after I do the re-scheduled art journaling page with Cori-Lyn. So should have more stuff to show you tomorrow! So till then, stay safe and stay crafty my peeps!

Wednesday 29 April 2020

Well my crafty night last night didnt go as planned. Cori-Lyn had an unexpected emergency come up and we had to postpone the class. I was already down in my crafty room and all prepped, so decided to do ANOTHER journal class that I had signed up for. It was during the day on Monday so I couldn't do it live - I was going to do it tonight but with the change of plans I was able to finish it last night. It was put on by The Paper and Art Boutique and taught by my awesome crafty friend Nicole Wright. I really love how it came out - a really fun class for sure!

I also did a bit more work for the Steampunk tag I am doing for a swap. I wanted to make another set of figures with the Stamperia Mechanical Seaworld mold I have - I got some of their soft clay and wanted to see how differently that worked. They came out really great, but I had to do a bit of cleaning up on them. The octopus didn't stay together this time either, but again I am going to make the cracks work for the project! Now all I have to do is paint them.

The other thing I got yesterday was more happy mail - I got one of the swaps I was waiting for from a partner. It was a set of Easter themed ATCs - she sent me a great set along with some cool extras!

I think tonight I am going to do more work on the Steampunk Tag and the molds. So till next time, stay safe and stay crafty my peeps!

Tuesday 28 April 2020

Another day of pandemic = another day in my craft room! I finished off the page of my grandmother - the photos are from her 70th birthday and her 80th birthday. I love how it came out!

And Cori-Lyn did another follow along class last night so had to do that as well. I love learning new techniques to use stuff I already own!

I also got some happy mail yesterday - I am all set now to do more shaker cards. Not to mention any thing else I want to pop up. I have foam tape galore now!!

And I have the most AMAZING friends! One of my pals from town just dropped of a goodie bag of jewellry pieces for me to use. I already have a few projects in mind for them! How spoiled am I?!

Tonight is going to be a fun one in my craft room - Cori-Lyn and Scrap Addicts are doing an online journal page class. I love her journal pages and am so excited that I get to do one again. It is also very appropriate, as it is a Covid-19 themed page. So till next time when I can show you my page, stay safe and stay crafty my peeps!

Monday 27 April 2020

I definately stayed up WAY to late to finish the heritage page I had started late Saturday. As I said, it is part of the contest that Leona is running all month for Scrappy Apple Scrapbooking Supplies. We get points for doing different things with products she is selling. This challenge was to do a layout using the Bo Bunny Heirlooms Collection or My Mind's Eye products that featured our grandparents. I have some great photos of my grandpa and great uncle and me when I was 6 months old so I loved the idea of this challenge. I also thought I would use one of the layouts from the Creative Scrapbooker Magazine's Sketchy Group - I have been wanting to use them for ages and thought this was a great time to do that. I have been crafting so much sometimes it is hard to think up my own layouts. So killed two birds with one stone and used this layout as inspriation!

This is what I came up with!

I also found the most AMAZING album in my stash to put this layout into. It definately looks like a heritage album. And I have other layouts of older photos to put in it, and more to do, so this album is perfect! I think I won it at a crop - and the funniest part is my friend ShawnaLee said she was putting her heritage photos into a heritage album and it turns out it is the EXACT SAME ONE!! Too funny!

Then once I got a little sleep and went back to my craft room I decided to do another layout based on a sketchy group sketch. The theme for Sunday's challenge at Scrap Addicts was love - it was the last one of the L.O.A.D group. As soon as I knew the theme was love I knew which sketch I wanted to use - I saw it months ago and knew I wanted to use it for a layout for my wedding album. 

So this is the sketch I used

And this is my layout!

The rest of my day was spent starting projects and making stuff to send to my pal Tricia. I cut her some butterflies for the tag swap we are doing, as well as sending her some stuff she ordered from Leona and stuff I am giving her from my stash!

Once I had her package ready to go, I started a couple more projects. I have a steampunk tag to make for a swap so got it started. I used the soft clay from Stamperia that I ordered to make another set of the steampunk molds for the project, as well as prepping the tag by painting it black and adding texture paste. Of course I didn't take photos of that yet so you will have to wait!

I did start one more project - I found more photos of my grandmother for the heritage paper so started a two page layout for it. I was super tired though so didn't get it finished. But this is it so far.

I hope to finish this tonight, as well as a couple online courses coming up this week. So till next time, stay safe and stay crafty my peeps!

Saturday 25 April 2020

So I am having another crafty weekend! Saturday is almost at an end and I am still gonna be up for several hours finishing my current project - a layout of my grandfather and great uncle as part of the contest my pal Leona is running for Scrappy Apple Scrapbooking Supplies. But I figured I should show my Friday stuff and today's project before the day is over. 

Leona came in from La Crete and brought me a bunch of supplies - and I played pony express and delivered stuff to my crafty peeps too. I love all the goodies and can't wait to play with them all!!

I also got some happy mail today too - we decided to do a tag swap in our own crafty group and my pal Paula was my partner. I love what she made me - I have the best crafty posse!!

Then when I got home I started Friday's challenge from Scrap Addicts - flowers. I decided to make more of the Tim Holtz tattered flowers that I used to make all the time. I used the Graphic 45 Ocean Blue paper that I got from Scrappy Apple. They are fun and easy to make, just a bit time consuming.

These are all I got done Friday night - like I said they take a while. LOL

I finished these this morning - I decided to stop at 10 flowers as otherwise I would have been making them all day!! But I ended up having an idea for how to use the rest of the flowers I punched out, as well as a few of these. It turned out great I think!

I am not 100% sure if these photos are from my 2010 trip, but that is the album they are going in as I can't remember now what other trip they might have been from. Oh well, it's all good!

Today's (Saturday's) challenge for Scrap Addicts was to do something (not someone!) that you are grateful for. I was a bit stumped on this one, till my pal Tricia said I should do a layout with photos of all the goodies I have gotten in the mail lately. Cause I am SO GRATEFUL to all my crafty friends for keeping my well supplied. It turned out to be a super fun layout!

It has been another fun crafty day, and I am still not done! So gotta go back to it! Till next time, stay safe and stay crafty my peeps!

Friday 24 April 2020

Happy Friday everyone! I hope everyone is staying safe and is doing what they can to stay sane! I know for me being able to spend time in my craft room is what is keeping me from totally losing it! I got down their again last night and did a few more projects - Scrap Addicts and their challenges and follow alongs are great inspriation that is for sure!

Yesterday's challenge was black and white - perfect for another Steampunk layout!

Then the follow along was another split card. This time we used acetate.
Ended up making it a birthday card for my pal Ash.

After I finished this card, I decided that I couldn't waste the left over pieces I had from when I made my layout. I also had an extra card base from doing the follow along cards. So another card it was! I also used some of the new cut outs I got a while ago by Art By Marlene. Not to mention some cute embellishments I got at Scrapendipity. I love how it came out!

This weekend should be another chance to get more crafting done. So till next time, stay safe and stay crafty my peeps!

Thursday 23 April 2020

More craftiness to share with you - it is now a daily thing to get to my craft room. At least there is something positive about this pandemic!!

Today's challenge from Scrap Addicts was "Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery" - we were supposed to find a project we liked from the albums and scrap-lift it to create something. I found these two projects in the Rainbow themed album and used them as inspriation:

This card is by Karen Schwendimann

This layout is by Sarah Landry

And this is my take on them - I love this picture of my granddaughter!!

The only other crafty thing I did last night was the follow along card from Cori-Lyn. It was another split card - I really like these as they are great for using up scraps!!

I already have a plan for today's challenge - we are supposed to use a black and white photo or black and white paper. I have a cool steampunk photo in mind to use. And I think tonight is another split card. I have also been doing a bunch (likely too much!) shopping, so should have more crafty supplies to keep me going for awhile! So till next time, stay safe and stay crafty my peeps!

Wednesday 22 April 2020

Had to share an update for one of my favourite scrapbook groups. What used to be called Mixed Up Creative Academy is now called Artful Academy.

The awesome administrator for the group - Katy Leitch - did some surveys to see how her branding was working and decided to make a few changes. I love the new name! And the Facebook group is updated now as well - it is called Artful Academy Friends. If you haven't signed up yet you totally should - it is a great group and provides a TON of inspriation!! And the classes at the academy are amazing!! Don't wait - sign up if you haven't!
More craftiness to share with you all today! If nothing else this pandemic is making me super productive! The challenge prompt for today for Scrap Addicts was to make something masculine. I had just done a layout of the boys, so decided to do a card. I wanted to play with the Distress Glazes and new Glitch stamp sets that I recently got. I was able to use another of the Distress Oxide backgrounds that I had as well.

Then it was time to do the follow along card with Cori-Lyn. We had been having some issues figuring out the measurements for the card bases - but we figured it out. Last night's card was another split card. I had fun with this one too.

When prepping for this class I had pulled out a bunch of scrap pieces before deciding what to use. I ended up with a couple pieces that I had thought to use but they didn't work for the class. I had them all prepped though so made another card with them instead.

I was on a roll at this point - and totally into watchin Battlestar Galactica (thanks to my crafty pal Evelyn!) - so decided to create more cards. I decided to do the other card kit that I bought from Scrap Addicts. This time I did the backgrounds with embossing and the Dina Wakely Gloss Sprays. I love how they came out.

I have to share this too - even though it isn't craft related. When posting my stuff on Instagram I saw the COOLEST picture on the Duran Duran page. It is fan art that someone did to make the band look like Simpsons' characters. I am not a fan of the show, but if that was a real episode I would definately watch it!!

I also got some happy mail yesterday - I received the prize I won a few weeks ago from my pal Charity from Close To My Heart. She did a virtual crop and I submitted a couple projects. I ended up winning this cute stamp set. I think I will have to make a card with soon!

So will likely be in my craft room again tonight and have more to share tomorrow. Till next time, stay safe and stay crafty my peeps!

Tuesday 21 April 2020

Yesterday was a fun day, cause not only did I get to spend it crating I got a TON of happy mail!! I am sure I should stop spending money as I am not super busy at work, but I just can't help it - gotta support my crafty friends and their stores!!

The challenge for Scrap Addicts yesterday was another layout challenge, and I decided that since it was one with a lot of photos again that I should do a vacation layout. I still have to finish the cruise portion of my holiday with my mother-in-law from 2010 so found some great pictures from that trip to do.

Here is the inspiration layout:

This is my take on the challenge:

I finished the layout just in time for my husband to bring me all my happy mail. I got quite a bit I have to say - think I over did it?!

I was asked what I got so figured a video would show it off the best.

After getting it all open, I decided to work on the card kits that I got from Scrap Addicts. They were fun to do - and super easy. Check out how they give you all you need for them!

They give you blank paper for the tops of the cards so that you can do them any way you like. After watch the video that Ivy did that inspired me to buy the kits I decided to do like she did and emboss the paper and then add the Opal Polishes to them. I absolutely LOVE how they came out - and will likely do the other set tonight as they were so easy. I will probably find a different way to decorate the top cards so that I have a different look to the other set of cards.

I ended the night by doing the follow along card that Cori-lyn did. This one was called a split card and was again quite easy. I decided to use a cute penguin stamp I have for this card - which means it will likely go to my mother!

Since I still have lots of projects to work on - and Cori-lyn will likely be doing another card class tonight and there is another L.O.A.D challenge today - I should have more crafty stuff to post tomorrow. So till next time, stay safe and stay crafty my peeps!