Sunday 5 April 2020


So I was supposed to be going to a crop in La Crete this weekend, but of course with the virus that didn't happen. But we got creative and managed to come up with a great way to "get together" without leaving home. First off, the gals at Scrap Addicts decided to have an online crop. Our whole gang signed up for it - we were not going to be all together physically online, but they created a private group and said they were going to be doing challenges and games all weekend. That sounded so fun. Then another of our friends found another scrapbook store that was going to have an actual online crop - they created a Zoom meeting that we could all join and it would be like we were all together. So we joined that one (on Friday night), but it turned out that we really didn't know that many people and it was only a couple of our group and it wasn't that fun. So instead my crafty pal ShawnaLee created our own Zoom meeting and our whole gang was able to join! It was just like being together!!

We did this most of the night on Friday, and then did it again almost all day Saturday. We were all doing our own thing, but for the most part we were all participating in the Scrap Addicts Quarantine Crop. They posted challenges all day - every hour starting at 10 am and going till midnight. We had till today (Sunday) at 6pm to get our challenges in to qualify for points so of course that is what I did all weekend! They also did a couple of follow along challenges - a card and a layout. I was able to finish all the challenges by the deadline except the follow along ones (for one of the challenges I submitted one project I was working on all weekend, but I did end up doing another one that I started but didn't finish in time). So here is a look at all my challenge projects - I will show them in order of the challenges, not the order I did them in!

10 AM Challenge - Paint Splatter

11 AM Challenge - Based on a Layout
This is the inspiration layout they gave us:

 And this is what I did with the inspiration:

12 PM Challenge - Torn Paper

1 PM Challenge - Embossing

2 PM Challenge - 5 Pieces of Patterned Paper

3 PM Challenge - In the News (the flower is only there for the picture! LOL)

4 PM Challenge - Laughter is the Best Medicine

5 PM Challenge - Buttons

6 PM Challenge - Pocket

7 PM Challenge - Squares

8 PM Challenge - Favourite Things

(JUST A NOTE: Like I said above, this is not the project I submitted for the crop. I submitted a tag I worked on over the weekend, but I am going to post that project in a separate post,
as I want to show it with its partner tag and how I made it)

9 PM Challenge - Birthstone (monotone)

10 PM Challenge - Twiny Bubbles

11 PM Challenge - Numbers

12 AM Challenge - Pen Marks

I just got home from celebrating my son's birthday and finished the My Favourite Things layout I posted above. And now I am going to finish the two follow along challenge projects. I don't have to work tomorrow so can stay up late. I will post more photos tomorrow. So I hope you all had as crafty a weekend as I did. Till next time, stay safe and stay crafty my peeps!

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