Tuesday, 21 April 2020

Yesterday was a fun day, cause not only did I get to spend it crating I got a TON of happy mail!! I am sure I should stop spending money as I am not super busy at work, but I just can't help it - gotta support my crafty friends and their stores!!

The challenge for Scrap Addicts yesterday was another layout challenge, and I decided that since it was one with a lot of photos again that I should do a vacation layout. I still have to finish the cruise portion of my holiday with my mother-in-law from 2010 so found some great pictures from that trip to do.

Here is the inspiration layout:

This is my take on the challenge:

I finished the layout just in time for my husband to bring me all my happy mail. I got quite a bit I have to say - think I over did it?!

I was asked what I got so figured a video would show it off the best.

After getting it all open, I decided to work on the card kits that I got from Scrap Addicts. They were fun to do - and super easy. Check out how they give you all you need for them!

They give you blank paper for the tops of the cards so that you can do them any way you like. After watch the video that Ivy did that inspired me to buy the kits I decided to do like she did and emboss the paper and then add the Opal Polishes to them. I absolutely LOVE how they came out - and will likely do the other set tonight as they were so easy. I will probably find a different way to decorate the top cards so that I have a different look to the other set of cards.

I ended the night by doing the follow along card that Cori-lyn did. This one was called a split card and was again quite easy. I decided to use a cute penguin stamp I have for this card - which means it will likely go to my mother!

Since I still have lots of projects to work on - and Cori-lyn will likely be doing another card class tonight and there is another L.O.A.D challenge today - I should have more crafty stuff to post tomorrow. So till next time, stay safe and stay crafty my peeps!

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