Friday 30 July 2021

SO Many New Goodies - NO Time to Craft!!

Well this last week I have gotten a TON of new crafty goodies, but I have not had time to play with any of them! I have been SO busy at work by the time I get home I am exhausted and just have no mojo. But I am hoping to do some crafting this weekend - if only to get all the new goodies put away! Check out all the lovelieness!!

We are supposed to be camping this weekend, but we don't leave till tomorrow night, so maybe tonight I can get my craft on. AND I do have crop next weekend so will definately craft then!! So till next time stay crafty my peeps!!

Wednesday 28 July 2021

Not Very Crafty

Haven't really been that crafty this week - mostly because work/my real job has been SUPER busy!! But I did get some happy mail, plus realized there were a couple things I didn't share so should do that too. First off, I got some great happy mail from Scrap Addicts. The new Tim Holtz colours as well as some extra goodies. Really hope I get time to play with them soon.

When I was putting things away I realized that I hadn't shared a couple things. I got a fun ATC in the mail from one of my swap partners. Super cute!

I also forgot to show how my awesome husband made me even more shelves so I have more room to display my creations! This is what they looked like before:

And this is the after! He is gonna put in some more lights too but those are on order.

So here is to hoping that work slows down even a little so that I can get some playing done in my craft room! There is a virtual TM crop next weekend so that should help! Till next time, stay crafty my peeps!

Monday 26 July 2021

Vintage Camper Album

Well I didn't do much crafting this weekend as we did get away to camp. But I DID manage to finish the Vintage Camper album that I was working on for my swap partner. And I have to say I really love how it came out! I hope she likes it too!! And now I might need to get another album for myself!!

 I even did  short video to show it off better as it was a little hard to take good pictures of the album, mostly because the rings are at the top so it opens up in an odd way. But oh well - LOL!

Not sure if I will get down to my craft room much in the next few weeks as I am totally SWAMPED at work and will likely even be doing some late nights. So till next time, stay crafty my peeps!!

Friday 23 July 2021

Still Not Much Crafting

So it has continued to be a quiet week - work is insanely busy so when I get home I am too tired to craft! But I did get a few crafty goodies yesterday and so ended up down in my craft room for a bit. I put in a Stampin Up order so that I could fullfill this quarter's quota and I ended up getting a bunch of stuff for myself this time! 

When I went down to put everything away, I did end up doing a bit more work on my camper album. I was able to get the last pages papered, so now all I have to do is add embellishments and such.

That is going to have to wait though, cause my hubby and I are getting away to camp this weekend! So till next time, stay crafty my peeps!!

Wednesday 21 July 2021

Quiet Week

Not a lot on the crafty front so far this week. I am still working on my camper album, but it is slow going. Adding the paper and then doing all the sanding of the edges is hard work! But I hope to finish it soon. I did get some crafty goodies in the mail yesterday so thought I would share those. I got a couple kits from the amazing gals at Scrap Addicts - one is for a class coming up next week, and the other I just thought was super cool! Can't wait to play with it all.

I am gonna TRY to finish up the camper album tonight, and I have a birthday card or two to create for some friends, so should have more to share soon. So till next time, stay safe and stay crafty my peeps!

Sunday 18 July 2021

Getting more crafty!

So the weather was as crappy as my hubby predicted, so it was a good thing we stayed home - and it meant I got to craft more too, and could hang out - at least virtually - with my gal pals yesterday! I ended up doing a couple more UFO projects. This time some layouts that I started with my grandkids back in October! I did some painting with them and got them to do handprints that I had planned on using in some layouts. Well I FINALLY got around to doing those layouts. And I think they came out pretty damn good if I do say so myself!!

Then I worked on another swap project that I am bit late on. Though my partner is late too so not a big deal. I am making her a camping themed album and I am using the Vintage Camper album that I got from my pal Candy Rosenberg and her A Vintage Girl Shop. It is coming along pretty good I must say!

I am hoping to get it finished and in the mail this week! I wasn't able to really do much more on it today as I unfortunately had to go into work to get more stuff done. Don't get me wrong, I love how busy I am. And even though that is a bad part about being my own boss, the good part is that I can craft while at work! I brought one of my diamond dot kits to work on while I was busy embroidering away!!

And now I am off to go sit by the firepit in our back yard and hang out with my grandkids, hubby and son! So till next time, stay crafty my peeps!!

Saturday 17 July 2021

Getting a Bit Crafty with Friends

So it wasn't the same, but I did get to craft a bit with the gals last night. I definately missed being at the stoe with them, but I did get some stuff done and got to chat with the gals! I started by doing the make n take layout from the last TM crop. I used the original one for one othe layouts for Taryn's grad album, but got another kit so that I could do one for myself as a camping theme. Really love this layout!!

And I eve used the left over pieces and one of the small sayings from some of the custom paper to make a card to give to one of my swap partners!

Then I did a two page layout using the rest of the custom papers that I wanted to use from our goodie bag. Really love how this layout came out!!

Once I had this layout done, I decided that instead of findind uses for the rest of the custom paper we got in our kit that I would give it to my swap partner. I had fun virtually hanging out with the gals - just wish I could have been there in person. Now I am off to do some more projects with them. So till next time, stay crafty my peeps!

Friday 16 July 2021

Finished another UFO!

At one of the last Zoom crops I attended, one of the gals said they were going to have a UFO day - finihsing a whole bunch of unfinished projects. I think they called it UFO cause UFP sounded weird! LOL!! I thought that sounded great, so I completed a UFO last night. I have been doing private swaps with a gal from one of my Facebook crafty groups and I am a bit behind on our latest ones. But she was fine with it as she has been having a busy summer also. So for June/July we decided to do a Flip Flop themed tag and I was finally able to finish mine - that I started AGES ago!! I love how it came out!!

I also got some happy mail yesterday - WHOLE bunch of tropical themed goodies from Scrappy Apple.

Can't wait to do more travel layouts with them. Which I should be able to work on this weekend - we were supposed to go camping but the weather called for nothing but rain and my hubby decided we should stay home. So now I can stay home and craft! A couple of my crafty peeps are getting to do an in-person crop at Treasured Memories this weekend, and I think I may join them virtually. So till next time, stay crafty my peeps!!

Wednesday 14 July 2021

FINALLY Finished My Swap

It took me awhile, but I FINALLY finished the swap I was working on last weekend during the crop. I feel so bad because I am never this late with my swaps. But my partner said she understood - and I threw in LOTS of extra goodies to make up for being late. I hope she likes it as I really liked making this project! I love how it came out. The PhotoPlay folio kit was really cool to use, and the paper I used was from the kit I got at Scrapbooking Fanatics.

I even did a little video flip through so you can see how interactive the folio is!

I am likely going to take a day or two off from crafting - get out and enjoy the nice weather before it gets all rainy again. We were supposed to go camping this weekend, but it is supposed to rain the whole time so my hubby decided we should stay home. That means I can get some other swaps done that I am a bit behind on (though not late as my partner and I are just doing a private swap and there are no deadlines for them!) I also might play with the latest goodies I got from Treasured Memories today.

So till next time, stay crafty my peeps!

Tuesday 13 July 2021

Handy Husband

I am SO lucky that I have such a handy husband. I realized that I wanted another set of shelves for my craft room, as the ones he built me last year were great but I still needed more storage space! So he made me another shelf. This one is likely the last one - as I don't think I have room for another. Next step would be getting another house! LOL

This shelf is great because I am going to use the top to showcase some of my bigger projects, and then I have room for a whole bunch more albums, as well as more containers for goodies. I can be way more organized!! My crafty pal Paula couldn't figure out from the picture how I had room for this shelf so I had to show her the picture below to show her the orientation of the room (note: I did have two tables last time she visited, and I put one of those away in the garage!).

I am expecting a whole bunch of happy mail too, but so far I only got the one package in the mail. But still better than none at all! And now I have more adhesive for when I make my Colourize die cuts!!

I REALLY need to get down to my craft room tonight because I HAVE to finish the swap project I have on the go. I hate being this late with it - I am never late on swaps! So glad my partner understands! So till next time, stay crafty my peeps!

Monday 12 July 2021

Crafty Recovery!

So I didn't really have much crafty mojo yesterday, but I DID find enough so that I could finish off the last of the projects from ART FEST. The only thing I didn't get done during the actual crop was the Mail Art Envelope, so I finsihed it off - using up the last of the papers and ephemera I had from our goodie box. I really love how it came out!

And I was able to display all my projets on the new clip it up that I picked up when I was in the city last weekend. I wasn't initially happy with this clip it up, as it wasn't what I thought I was getting. Turns out it is a great way to display them all for sure!!

Then today, I got some fun happy mail. I felt like I hadn't shopped in ages, so I had to rectify that! LOL - got me some fun supplies from Scrap Addicts.

Having to put all the goodies away when I get home is going to give me the motivation I need to get down to my craft room and work on my folio project! So till next time, stay safe and stay crafty my peeps!

Sunday 11 July 2021

Art Fest Day 2 - Christmas in July Crop

So my full day of crafting was AWESOME!! I have to say I did more with Art Fest than I did with the Christmas in July Crop, but it was a fun day for sure. AND I got A LOT done too!!

Started off the day doing work on my folio swap, some of which I used for the challenges in both crops. Again, I am saving photos of that until I get the project done and will show them in a post of their own. I also worked on some of the demos that Dooreen did, the first of which I am using in the folio. It is a hidden paperclip - you would never know to look but there is a paper clip hidden inside the paper! I was also able to use this for one of the challenges for the crop too.

And Dooreen showed us how to do this cute paper fold to make usable holders for ephemera and such! So easy and totally cute - I am sending it to my swap partner.

Next up was the Watercolour Demo. Since I have done watercolour a few times I didn't do that much of it, but I did a bit!

Part of the reason I didn't do much watercolour is that Scrap Addicts had a Make N Take at the same time, so I wanted to do it. It was a fun to do - I did it with paper we got in our Art Fest box (I really couldn't bring myself to do Christmas themed with it being so hot!) I really love how it came out. I almost don't want to give it away.

Dooreen's next Take N Make was an Ephemera Folder Holder. Super easy and so fun. I love how it came out. Everything we got in our kit was so amazing to work with.

Challenge #3 for Art Fest was to do something with "Nature." We got a cute leaf/wheat stencil in our kit, so I used it to make another tag for my folio project.

After the dinner break, Dooreen showed us how to make some super cute Art Dolls - I think these might be my favourite project from the weekend. Super cute and so fun to do!!

After the dolls, I thought I would check in with the Scrap Addicts crop. It was pretty quiet and I didn't do a lot with it as I couldn't really get into the Christmas theme (maybe cause it is so hot). But I did end up doing the last of their Make N Takes, and decided to use some of the Christmas paper from the kit for them after all. I think they turned out pretty cute.

The last project of the weekend I finished was the last of the demos Dooreen showed us. This one was a Tri-fold Pocket and I was able to use the rest of the paper from the cards I just made for it. It turned out pretty good if I do say so myself!

It was a really great crafty day. I had planned to spend more time today crafting, but not sure I have the mojo. And we are going to go swimming with the grandkids later, so will see how the day goes. Till next time, stay crafty my peeps!!