Saturday 31 August 2019

So my crafty pal Matt that I went to Creativation with back in January has created a whole bunch of layouts from the trip. I thought I would share the ones that I am in!

He has given me inspiration for what I want to do when I scrap the trip - though I likely won't get to it for a while! I still have to get ready for Carnival next weekend, though I am going to be doing actual store work this weekend so I can be caught up enough to go. So till next time, stay crafty my peeps!!

Friday 30 August 2019

I forgot to show some of the fun we had at the crop last weekend! The upcoming library crop has a Harry Potter theme and we are going to do our version of a house cup. So everyone has to be sorted into a house. Since we have a sorting hat, we decided to sort a few people at the Margaritaville Crop. Check out how much fun we had!! LOL

I cannot wait for this crop! It is gonna be a blast. And now I have to get myself organized for the Great Canadian Scrapbook Carnival which is coming up in a week! So till next time, stay crafty my peeps!!

Wednesday 28 August 2019

Got some FABULOUS happy mail today! My amazing crafty friend Candy Rosenberg has designed some stamps for  Art Foamies and OF COURSE I had to get them. They came really fast too - and they gave me a freebie!! So fun - I can't wait to try them out.

This one was the freebie - so adorable.

I hope I get a chance to play with them before I head to Carnival, but if not I will definately do it when I get home. Till next time, stay crafty my peeps!

Tuesday 27 August 2019

So I said I was going to post pictures of the projects I finished on Sunday, but then yesterday got crazy because my new embroidery machine showed up! So awesome!! I am so excited to have a new machine for my store. But I did get the better pictures so thought I better get my shit together and post them!

This is the envelope I made to put the ATC's in.

And here is a close up of the ATC's.

I kept a couple of the ATC's for me cause I liked how they turned out.

And I did a layout using the picture of the group. I was inspired by the layout that my pal 
Paula did at the crop. So this is my take on the layout.


And this is Paula's version of the layout

But as I said at the beginning of this post, my most exciting news from yesterday was getting my new embroidery machine! It is amazing. Here is a picture of it from the website, and one of it coming into the store yesterday!

And I did my first few designs on it today - I can't believe how smoothly and quietly it runs. It is so bloody amazing! You wouldn't think I could still be amazed after doing this job for 15 years, but I have to say I am totally awestruck! Check out my video!

If I don't post for the next few days it is because I am playing with my new machine! So till next time stay crafty my peeps!

Sunday 25 August 2019


So the second day of the crop was a lot of fun too! Started off by working on the ATC's that I needed to do for my swap and finishing off the album that I was making for Donna that I started during the evacuation.

Then I did a layout for the page contest for Scrappy Apple. The idea was to do something based on the evacuation, so I did a picture from the day we had to leave. I really love how it came out. I used the new Stamperia Mixed Media Iridescent Sprays. I love the way it made the paper look like fire.

During the day we did the Punch Board game a couple times, as well as selling extra tickets for the bigger door prizes. It was a big success for a smaller group of ladies. Fun was had by all and the ladies loved their goodies!!

Of course a library crop would not be complete without a yummy dinner from Ashraf and The Flamingo Inn. As always, supper yummy - and lots of home made salsa left over for me to take home!!

Finished the day off by having some margaritas (virgin ones! LOL) and starting a couple more projects. We did a group photo with the gals still there - you would almost think we had alcohol in our glasses in this picture! LOL

I just puttered around the remainder of the day. I played with the new Opal Polishes that I got from Scrap Addicts and worked on the "Welcome Sign" that I got from them as well.

I added some of the new Tim Holtz paper I got to the board and inked the edges with the Opal Polish.

I had so much fun that I didn't want to stop crafting so spent today finishing up my projects. But I am going to show them in a separate post! So till next time, stay crafty my peeps!!

Saturday 24 August 2019


So the first day of the crop was so fun! We had a good turnout for the first day and though I didn't get a lot done I had fun!

I happened to get a bunch of happy mail today so spent some of my time going through it all. And then figuring out what to do with it all! 

I also got some swap stuff  - all the way from Ireland!! Pretty cool!

The rest of the evening was spent working on some other projects and visiting. I will do another post about Saturdays fun later as I am so tired now! So till next time, stay crafty my peeps!

Friday 23 August 2019


Crop weekend is finally here! I think I am all ready. Snacks are made and car is all packed to go! I am about as ready as it is possible to be - just need 6 pm to get here!!!

We are gonna have so much fun! So till next time, stay crafty my peeps!!

Thursday 22 August 2019

My crafty pal Juli got the card and tag I sent her - and she actually took a picture of the card, which I forgot to do! LOL so here it is so you can all see it!!

Juli has an AMAZING ETSY shop that you have to check out! She is currently on a bit of a break but does the most amazing dolls and does custom orders! She has made me several and I can't wait till she is back so I can shop again!

Till next time, stay crafty my peeps!!

Tuesday 20 August 2019

I almost forgot - I got more happy mail yesterday!! I had packages arrive from not only Simon Says Stamp, but also my crafty pal Sandy and her store Scrapbook Fanatics. Check out all my latest goodies:

I have a swap I am in that I need to make three sets of 6 tags each and a pocket to put them in and I had thought to do one as a Halloween theme, so the new Tim Holtz stuff is perfect for that. Can't wait to play with it all. Till next time, stay crafty my peeps!!
Getting prepped for the crop this weekend! I have all the prizes organized, and my fabulous hubby helped me build the prop I needed for one of the games I want to do! now I just have to finish the name place cards for everyone and I think I am ready to go!!

I should have some fun pictures from this weekend, so till next time - stay crafty my peeps!

Monday 19 August 2019

I got down to my craft room for a bit this weekend - and FINALLY got started on my Ferris Wheel project! I bought it YEARS ago and have had several ideas on what to do with it. But when I saw the new Kaleidascope paper from Graphic 45 I knew what I wanted to do. I am also getting my niece to help me out - she is creating the animals that are going to go into the Ferris Wheel. Here is a look at what she has made me so far. I bought her the baked clay and gave her the paint - she completely knocked them out of the part they are SO ADORABLE!!!

So this is what the project is supposed to look like all put together, but without any paper or paint on it. It is a Kaisercraft Beyond the Page kit and is made of pressboard so will be sturdy enough to hold the clay animals easily.

I wanted to go with black for the base, so laid everything out and then took the easy way out to paint it by using spray paint. Worked great.

Originally I wasn't sure I wanted to use black as the base or one of the colours in the paper, but my brilliant crafty pal Tricia suggested I use black and then splatter it with the colours in the paper. She couldn't have been more right as I LOVE how the splatter look came out. Pink was my first colour.

I used the irRESISTible Pico Embellishers as I had them in neon colours. I wanted a splatter effect so instead of using the bottle as a writer, I used popsicle sticks to do the splatter. Here is a short video to show how I did it.

I couldn't be happier with how the project is coming out. Here are some more shots of all the pieces with all the different splatter colours on them.

This is going to be a long process finishing this project, so will show more pictures as I get it finished. I also have to get ready for the upcoming Margarittaville crop this weekend so that will make this project take a bit longer. So till next time, stay crafty my peeps!