Wednesday 30 January 2019


So work has been so busy I have not had ANY time to sort my photos so I can show you all the fun I had in Phoenix. But I did get a video done on the weekend to show you how much stuff I brought back. I swear I am gonna get to the photos, but hoping this will tide you over in the meantime. I definitely got spoiled!!

So until I have time to show you more photos, stay crafty my peeps!

Tuesday 29 January 2019

I am still trying to get organized since getting back from Creativation - that dang real life getting in the way! LOL Organizing my photos and doing a video of all my goodies took me longer than expected. I will be posting stuff in the next day or two, but also wanted to share some other stuff.

I got home from Phoenix to a fabulous package from Canvas Corp Brands - more goodies to play with since I am staying on as an alumni for the Creative Crew. Check out all the yummy goodies  I got in my package!

I cannot wait to play with it all. And I will be as soon as I can, so more projects and photos are coming! Till then, stay crafty my peeps!

Monday 21 January 2019

Just got home from an AMAZINGLY PHENOMENAL time at Creativation 2019! I have SO many photos and videos to share, but it is gonna take me a day or two to get myself organized and debriefed! So stay tuned for a whole bunch of posts about my latest crafty adventures! Till next time, stay crafty my peeps!

Friday 11 January 2019

I am almost ready for my trip to the city and then to Phoenix for Creativation! I am so excited and can't believe it is almost here. I don't know how much I will be able to post before I go. I don't want to bring my laptop and blogging is not easy on my tablet. So I am going to probably have TONS of posts when I get back! So be prepared! LOL

But I had to make a birthday card for my hubby last night so thought I would share that with you before I head out on my adventure. I used some of the AMAZING custom paper that one of my FAVOURITE crafting stores carries - Treasured Memories. This time it was dinosaur themed.

I also made a couple hoodies for my boss and I that are going to Creativation together. Have to be able advertise not only my embroidery business but the craft store I am going to represent at the show!  I love how they turned out.

I cannot wait to share with you all the craziness of my adventures. So till then, stay crafty my peeps!

Wednesday 9 January 2019


I am sooooooo excited!!! In less than a week I head to the city and a week today I will be on my way to Phoenix for Creativation 2019!!! I cannot believe it is coming up so fast. Last night I packed all my supplies I will need for the classes  I am taking and now I have to figure out my wardrobe. That is gonna be the hardest part I think. 

Only a week away!!

All my supplies for class - and in my cool Moose Bag!

Now I gotta figure out what clothes to take!

I think this is gonna be my best scrappy adventure yet! Till next time, stay crafty my peeps!!
I have such wonderful scrappy/crafty friends! I got a fun surprise in the mail yesterday. My pal Wendy - former owner of W2Scrapbooking - sent me a special gift in appreciation for always supporting her store. She sent me this awesome stamp set and a lovely note.

Like I said the other day, I am sad she is closing. But I wish her all the best and I am looking forward to the day we can spend some time getting creative together! I am really hoping she can come to one of my crops or I can go to one somewhere with her! She has inspired me so much and I am sure she will continue to do so!

Till next time, stay crafty my peeps.

Saturday 5 January 2019


I have said for awhile now that I am sad because my crafty pal Wendy is closing her store W2Scrapbooking. Well she only has a small amount of stock left and is selling it all in these two sizes of close out boxes so OF COURSE I had to get them from her. And I wanted to show you all the wonderful goodies that she gave me in them. It was also an excuse to break out my new web cam as I am hoping to improve my recording skills  in order to expand my creativity and improve my chances of getting on more design teams. So check out all the cool stuff she sent to me!

I definitely think you can see better quality in this video than what I was using before. And I also hope I can figure out how to do tutorials where I can speed up the process and do other fun things. So keep your eyes out for what I figure out how to do, as well as the projects I create with all this great stuff she sent. Not to mention I will have some fun prizes to give away at my next crop!

So till next time, stay crafty my peeps!!

Friday 4 January 2019


I just found out that one of the projects I submitted for my Canvas Corp Brands design team is not going to be used after all, so I can post it here now.

I made this canvas back in October at our library crop. I wanted to find a fun way to use up stuff from my junk drawer to make a unique canvas.  I started with a plain white canvas and added various items to it in a fun pattern.

Then I spray painted the whole canvas black and added black gesso to give it texture.

The next step was to spray it with the Tattered Angels sprays I had chosen.
I used Walnut Gold, Patina and Rolling Tide.

Here are some shots of the process of layering the sprays.

And then I added flowers and other ephemera to finish off the canvas..
Here are some close up shots and the finished canvas.

This was really fun to make - I loved using the Tattered Angels sprays on the canvas. Make sure you check out the Canvas Corp Brands shop for these sprays - as well as a TON of other amazing products. They make your projects absolutely ROCK!! Till next time, stay crafty my peeps!

Wednesday 2 January 2019


Exciting news to share to start the new year. I was picked to stay on the Canvas Corp Brands design team as an alumni. I am looking forward to another year of creativity with a great group of amazingly talented ladies.

Till next time, stay crafty my peeps!

Tuesday 1 January 2019


Wishing all my crafty friends a year of inspiration and wonderful crafty adventures!!