Tuesday 29 November 2016

I really had an amazing birthday weekend! Not a lot of crafting involved, but I did have an awful lot of fun!

I got spoiled with tons of birthday wishes, and my hubby got me the best gift - custom made shirt made by a friend of ours.

And then for my birthday I asked my hubby to take me to the Snowflake Gala - a fundraiser for the hospital.  I got to get dressed up in my fancy new dress and they gave me a tiara and made me a princess. Had a really nice time.

My one crafty part of my b-day weekend was a wreath class that I took with Alex at Sunscape Gardens. Was SOOOOOOO fun! And I got an amazing wreath out of it too. Was hoping to hang it on the door but it is too big. So it is hanging in the living room. Luckily the cats only took an interest in it for a few minutes.

So hopefully I will get to my craft room on a semi-regular basis between now and Christmas so will have more to post. Till then, stay crafty my peeps.
Since I got back from my crafty weekend, I have mostly been working - things are pretty crazy busy at work I have to say. But I did get some crafty mail this week. First off, I got my Xmas gift from my pal Gena. She made me this awesome Christmas Wreath. I so luv it!!! I am hoping she likes her gift as much as she likes mine.

And then I got my awesome order from Gone Artsy. I was sad to know that Deb is closing down her store, but I have to say the deals she has on are amazing. I got some great stuff. Check out my video of my purchases.

So till next time, stay crafty my peeps!
Day three of my crop started the same as day two - I went for a swim and then headed for the hall. I started off by doing more work on my journal page. I used my Tim Holtz distress sprays on it and decided to leave the colour vibrant instead of muting it.

And then I wanted to highlight the face portion of the page,
so I did that with my big brush pen.

Not sure where I am going to go with it from here - might even leave it as it is. But so far I am really happy with it. I think sometimes less is more, so I might just do some more highlighting of the words on the page, maybe add some black text on the other side of the page, and then call it done. 

I also finished a tag that I started on Saturday night. To make the fairy reverse canvas I was using one of the mixed media kits that I got from Treasured Memories. In with the kit supplies was a mask of a fairy. I decided to use that on the tag I was making. I couldn't finish the tag till Sunday though cause I needed the magnificent writing skills of my besty Cathy so that I could finish it off. My sister-in-law asked me what tags are for - I said to look pretty! Added it to my collection!!

My last project of the weekend was to start on a fairy album.tag book. I knew I wouldn't finish it, but I got a start on it at least. Liking it so far.

So I ended my craft day/weekend by hanging out with more of my crafty pasl. Kasssandra and Paula couldn't make the crop, so we went to the Taboo show, Was definitely an experience! Hanging out with the gals was a blast though.

Had a really great weekend I have to say. Great friends, great food, got lots done and no major incidents thanks to Tony! I will post more about what I have been up to once I got back in another post. Till then, stay crafty my peeps!
Day two of my crop was as much fun as day one - if not more so! I started the day by going swimming! I got myself a swim pass for Coronation Pool (or I guess Peter Hemingway as they call it now!) and got in a 1 1/2 km swim. I really LOVE that pool - I so wish it was closer.

So once I got to the crop, I wasn't sure just what I was gonna do. I forgot I had a picture of my cutie pie grandson with me so thought maybe that was what I should start my day with.

I was inspired by a Graphic 45 layout that the girls from Scrap Addicts had done as a class and one of the girls had with them. I had most of the supplies I needed so did my own take on the layout. Really happy with the result. Of course I usually am with layouts of Jeffery - he is just so dang cute it is easy to do layouts with his pictures.

Then I saw another layout that my funky crafty friend Pam had done and was inspired again. So I ended up doing a my own take on it. I still had pictures left of my crafty gal pals that I went to the Grimshaw crop with, so I was good to go. Again, really happy with the end result.

Then my next project was to work on a canvas for a swap I had signed up for. I ended up doing something different from the swap requirements, so it went from being a swap project to a Xmas gift for a friend! I hope she likes it. It turned out pretty cool. It is a reverse canvas with a fairy theme. Was really fun to make!

I ended my day by prepping a journal page so I could add colour to it the next day. I ended up going home earlier on the Saturday - I had a long day and got lots done so thought it was time to head home.

So, this is the end of my second day at the crop and this post - till the next one, stay crafty my peeps!

Monday 28 November 2016

My crafty weekend in the city was really amazing! I had so much fun hanging out with my Edmonton peeps - and I even got a fair amount of crafting done too.

Unlike most weekend crops at Scrap Addicts that start at 6:00 pm, this one started at noon. But since I didn't realize that, I had made some other plans. I had to hang out with my nieces on Friday or else I wasn't going to get to see them much. We hung out at the mall - and they even did some Virtual Reality. They loved that!

Then once I got to the crop, I had visiting and shopping to do, so it took me awhile to get going. But I did eventually!

I brought the Bo Bunny Christmas album that I started at the class in La Crete - and I actually got it finished too. I can now take a ton of pictures over the holidays and I have a book to put them in! I really loved this class and I am thrilled with the final product!

Then I realized I had brought some card bases with me so I used some of the leftovers from the kit to make some Christmas cards. The girls I was sitting with were making fun of me and saying I needed t slow down. I reminded them it isn't hard to make cards when they are already half done for you. Now to figure out who to give them to.

I finished day one making some layouts using the fun Pokemon paper I got from Treasured Memories. An the most fun part of this was that we ended up having a power outage around 11:30 pm - so I as creating in the dark!! Luckily I was sitting under one of the emergency lights so I was ok. And I really love the end results. So much fun making these layouts.

I headed home after these as I had a long day and was really tired. And I have to go to bed now too. So tomorrow I will do some more posts on my crafty adventures in the city and what I have done since I got home. Till then, stay crafty my peeps.
So things have been INSANE since I got home from my cropping weekend. So nuts that I haven't had time to post anything on my blog! So I am gonna do some posts here now - gonna break them up so they are not all one big post.

First off, this will give you an indication of what work has been like since I got back. This is what my back room/Purolator has looked like for the past week.

And I had eve made arrangements to have the Purolator looked after when I was gone - this is how busy it has been. Mostly due to the holiday season, but also due to having a new driver. We are getting him trained though so it is evening out.

But my trip was pretty awesome - and totally uneventful this time. No flat tires!! I took along my extra spare to be pre-preemptive and it obviously worked cause I had no issues. I have decided to take it with me all the time - and I have even named him Tony!

So now that I have done a pre-amble post, I gotta figure out the rest of what to post. Till then, stay crafty my peeps!

Thursday 17 November 2016

Well I am all packed and ready to head to the city for my crafting weekend at the Scrap Addicts 3rd Birthday crop.  I go every year as my birthday gift to myself and I am really excited to go and have some fun with a great group of ladies! And since the last two times I was in the city I had issues with flat tires, I am bringing the spare tire that I got the last time. I am hoping the law of averages is in my favour and having the tire will prevent me from needing one! 

And I got some great happy mail yesterday too! I got two different swaps in the mail. I got the Colouring page to ATC from my partner Zohreh in California as well as three vintage tags from another swap from my partner Marcia. They were so great!

So - I hope to be able to post about my adventures throughout the weekend. I brought my laptop so I can do just that. If not, I will post a bunch when I get home. But check me out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in the meantime! And stay crafty my peeps!

Tuesday 15 November 2016

I apparently had a blonde moment when posting about my crafting weekend. I forgot to post the picture of the layout I did with one of the many fabulous pictures of my grandson that I have. It was his first bubble bath. My daughter-in-law said he wasn't sure about it to start with, but loved it by the end! And it was fun to add all the "bubbles" to the page!

And apparently I was wrong about getting down to my craft room this week to do anything other than pack. I finished the other background page that Cori-Lyn sent to me. I think I am just going to leave it as is. I love how it turned out.

And I did get all packed - so I am all ready for my weekend crafty adventure! Till I post again, stay crafty my peeps!

Monday 14 November 2016

I think out of all the journaling that I did this weekend, this page is my favourite! I got inspiration and ideas from my crafty pal Wendy - you have to check our store W2Scrapbooking (the link is at the bottom of my blog).  It was really fun to do and I took pictures as I went so thought I would tell you what I did.

So I started out by mixing the Magenta Interference paint with some sting gel and then putting that through one of my new Stencil Girl stencils in my black art journal. It was this sorta white colour while still wet but then turned a shiny purple-y colour when dry!

The next step - as suggested by Wendy - was to paint the whole thing white and then while it was still wet to scrape off a bunch of the white paint using any kind of scrapping tool. Another cool result.

Wasn't sure at first where to go from here, but decided to add some black back over top using the same stencil.

Then the next step - again suggested by Wendy - was to add some pink back into the design. Which again turned out so cool!

Then to finish it off, I took some purple and painted it in a few places and again scrapped it off when it was wet - but this time I scrapped it off horizontally instead of vertically. As some final touches I added some words with my black fine liner and black paint splotches with a brush. I really love how this page came out!! Wendy is so fabulous for inspirational ideas!!!

So not sure how much I will post the rest of this week, as I will be getting ready to go the to city for my birthday scrapbook weekend, But I will either bring my laptop and post while I am gone, or I will do some posts when I get home. Till then, stay crafty my peeps!!
I got back into my art journaling in a pretty big way this weekend. Didn't realize just how much I did until I started taking pictures of them all!

First off, I finished one of the classes that I got online from the fab Cori-Lyn at Scrap Addicts. She did this months and months ago, but it took me forever to get to it. I am really happy with how it came out. Her classes are just so awesome!

Then I did some work on some pages of my own. This one was inspired by some of the different techniques I have learned from Cori-Lyn, as well as the colours in the postcard that I used as a focal point. I got this postcard when I bought some Stencil Girl stencils. It came with the order and I loved the colours in it. I also used an old pattern that I got from my gal pal Candy Rosenberg as the base of the page.

I also started another background page that was another of the pages I got from Cori-Lyn. I still have to do some work on it, as well as decide if I want to add to it or leave it as a background, but I like it so far.

And then I did a page that was inspired by these funky napkins I got from a crafty friend the last time I was in the city at a crop at Treasured Memories. I loved the idea of the Paris theme they had on them, and I knew I had stamps and stuff that would match. I love the end result!

I did one more page, but I want to do it as a separate entry, so you can see the stages it went through. Till then, stay crafty my peeps!

So I think I spent almost all three days of the long weekend in my craft room! At least it seems that way. For some reason I didn't think I really had gotten much done, but apparently I did! So much so that I think I am going to do a couple posts about it.

So first off, I finished off my Not So Secret Sister swap. I was supposed to send out stuff for October, November and December back in October, but I got swamped and was only able to finish October and November in time. So I made her a couple items, as well as picking up a few goodies for her. I hope she likes them!

This is a winter hanging sign

This is a winter theme altered picture frame. I put something in it, but she can swap that out for a picture of her own if she likes.

I did a bunch of art journaling too, but I am going to talk about them in separate posts. Till then, stay crafty my peeps!

Thursday 10 November 2016

I got some happy mail yesterday! I got one of my swaps from a partner in the mail yesterday. This is my ATC from my partner Ann Marie. She made me the coolest ATC, as well as a fun pumpkin holder for it. Really love it, along with all the goodies she sent with it.

I was also able to open the November package from my Not So Secret Sister Angela. She sent me a bunch of cools stuff. She also sent me a birthday gift, but I am going to wait till my actual birthday to open the gift.

I have been doing some more work in my craft room this week too - so once I get some photos I will post them. Till next time, stay crafty my peeps!