Monday, 28 November 2016

So things have been INSANE since I got home from my cropping weekend. So nuts that I haven't had time to post anything on my blog! So I am gonna do some posts here now - gonna break them up so they are not all one big post.

First off, this will give you an indication of what work has been like since I got back. This is what my back room/Purolator has looked like for the past week.

And I had eve made arrangements to have the Purolator looked after when I was gone - this is how busy it has been. Mostly due to the holiday season, but also due to having a new driver. We are getting him trained though so it is evening out.

But my trip was pretty awesome - and totally uneventful this time. No flat tires!! I took along my extra spare to be pre-preemptive and it obviously worked cause I had no issues. I have decided to take it with me all the time - and I have even named him Tony!

So now that I have done a pre-amble post, I gotta figure out the rest of what to post. Till then, stay crafty my peeps!

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