Thursday 17 November 2016

Well I am all packed and ready to head to the city for my crafting weekend at the Scrap Addicts 3rd Birthday crop.  I go every year as my birthday gift to myself and I am really excited to go and have some fun with a great group of ladies! And since the last two times I was in the city I had issues with flat tires, I am bringing the spare tire that I got the last time. I am hoping the law of averages is in my favour and having the tire will prevent me from needing one! 

And I got some great happy mail yesterday too! I got two different swaps in the mail. I got the Colouring page to ATC from my partner Zohreh in California as well as three vintage tags from another swap from my partner Marcia. They were so great!

So - I hope to be able to post about my adventures throughout the weekend. I brought my laptop so I can do just that. If not, I will post a bunch when I get home. But check me out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in the meantime! And stay crafty my peeps!

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