Friday 31 July 2015

I actually got a couple more swaps done last night - and a few more tags. I feel like all I have been making lately are tags.

Anyway, this first is a canvas I did for a swap. It was supposed to be a summer theme and I tried recreating some of the things I learned at my Finnabair class. Not sure how summery it is or how Finnabair like it looks but overall I think it turned out ok. I hope my partner likes it.

The second swap I completed was my first pocket letter. I haven't done one before, so I hope I did it justice. It was hard to get a good picture because the plastic had glare. But I like the end result - I hope my partner does!

And this weekend I am off to camp, so won't likely get much crafting done. I am supposed to be going out to craft Monday with some of my peeps so that will be fun.

Have a crafty weekend all!

Thursday 30 July 2015

So it seems I am on a tag spree! I finished two more last night, and have two more in progress! I ended up arranging a tag swap between two of my fav crafty peeps and somehow got it in my head I had to make them two tags each. We had said one each - i.e. each of us would make two tags. Somehow that translated to me as two tags each! LOL :)

Well, I have whole collection now and they might even still get two each. And of course we will see if they look at my blog if the see these ahead of our get together on Monday.

Wednesday 29 July 2015

It's a good thing I am my own boss as I am obviously totally addicted to scrapbooking! I went home at lunch and ended up being there longer than expected cause I ended up finishing the other tag I started last night. I have a problem - LOL! :)

But I love how it turned out!!!

Spent my evening watching a movie and crafting. I have about a dozen swaps to do and have several on the go at the moment! But since many of them have drying times, I spent my time waiting making tags! Now I have 3 tags ready for the Tag Your It Game on the Chic Craftique group I am in! And I didn't even realize until I lined them up to take photos that I have a small, medium and large tag!

I have more tag ideas too (I have another I started that isn't done yet) so could end up with a whole selection when I am through!

Happy crafting my peeps!

Monday 27 July 2015

I didn't do as much crafting as I wanted to this weekend - mostly cause I had a couple good books to read and I was kinda lazy! But I did finish a couple things.

I finished some ATC's for a swap I am in. I hope my partner Ree likes them!

And I made a tag inspired by my Finnabair classes that I hope to give to someone in a tag swap game I am in. It was hard to get a good pic that did the colours justice, but I tried!

Got more organizing done too, so pretty crafty weekend overall - and finished a couple good books to boot!

Friday 24 July 2015

I got more organizing done in my craft room - and also finished a journal page of my own. I don't always do classes!

This was a page that started off as just a junk page to throw extra paint on from another project. I just kept adding stuff until I got it to a point I liked. I think it is kinda cool!

Thursday 23 July 2015

So I was doing some art journaling last night - another fab class with Dawn from The Inked Stamper.
Sooooo much fun!!! I love learning all the new techniques she shows us. Here are some sneak peaks - if you wanna see the whole thing you gotta take her class!! LOL

And even though I have been spending TONS of time in my craft room, I haven't gotten alot done. The reason? I am sorting/organizing all my stuff and putting stuff into the two craft apps I have on my phone - the Tim Holtz app and one called Craft Cabinet. I am hoping this way I will avoid getting doubles when I go shopping!! Check them out - they are a great way to get organized:

Happy crafting/organizing my crafty peeps!

Wednesday 22 July 2015

Finished up an ATC for a swap partner - hope she likes it!

And I also finished up a tag album that was a Tim Holtz kit I got at Michaels. Sometimes it is fun not to have to think that hard to create - just take something you have instructions for and put your own take on it!

Thursday 16 July 2015

I got a box of goodies yesterday - my kits from Scraps of Elegance and Scraps of Darkness. So I just had to do a video!! It's like Christmas in July!!

Wednesday 15 July 2015

Finally, the classes were coming to an end. The final class I did was another layout class and as usual with Finnabair, she spoils you rotten with goodies!

From there, we did the layering and building to create the base for the project.

And again, the end result is totally mag!!!

I think you know it was a good time when you go home at the end of the night with dirty hands!! This picture was from night one and I had already washed them about 10 times!!!

All in all, taking Finnabair's classes was one of the best things I have done since taking up crafting. I am so glad I got the chance. And if you ever get the chance to learn from her you really should. She is PHENOMENAL!!!!!!

Check out her blog too:

This was the 3rd class we did - the first one of the second day.

This was the second canvas and I just can't get over how cool they turned out. I love the Mica powders and Primary Elements powders we used. They are so cool - I think my favourite part is that you don't have to worry about them mixing and making muddy colours. They blend naturally no matter what colours you use!

Again, we started with a huge bag of goodies!

I didn't take as many pictures of this project while in progress - was having too much fun creating! But I got a few so here they are!

It is so amazing to me how something that starts so basic you can build on and end up with this totally cool end result!

I don't think I have ever had so much fun creating!
So apparently once I got one pic taken I decided I had to take pics of them all!

This was the first class with Finnabair! It was a layout class and as with all of the classes she does, you start off with TONS of goodies!!

And from there, Finnabair does the entire project with you, step by step. I just love all the layers and how some plain(ish) paper can turn into such an amazing project! Here are some pics of the stages of this project:

And then here is the AMAZING end result! I just can't get over how cool this project turned out.

I also got basically caught up on my Inspiration Wednesday classes - I was caught up till week 13 and then she posted week 14 so I have that one to do!

I am so loving this class - so much fun. I think the only thing I would have changed is that I would have done two signatures for the journal - cause it is so thick at this point! LOL!!

But I can't wait to keep going as this class is amazing! I have even signed up for a couple more of Donna's classes!
And I even got an extra class in that I wasn't expecting! My fab crafty friend Kassandra was teaching an art journal class on Saturday and since I didn't have to be in Peace River until 10:30 I had time to take her class. So much fun! And I LOVE the end result!

So it has been insane since I got home and I have spent most of my time in my craft room since I got back putting away all my goodies and also putting them into this app I have on my phone called Craft Cabinet. I love it! This way maybe I will purchase less duplicates!!

I haven't had much time to do much with my pictures or take better photos of my final projects I learned from Finnabair, but I did get one photographed so thought I would put up photos from that class!

I think that even though this was the second class I took the reason I got a better photo of it first is that it was my favorite! Finnabair calls it The Artifact.

Here is a a shot of the FABULOUS Finnabair as she starts off teaching us! She is so funny and clever and really an amazing teacher! She does the whole project with you step by step and makes everything so easy.

And what is even more phenomenal is the HUGE amount of product she gives you for each class - soooooo worth the money!!

Next, here are some pics of the project in progress. I was posting pics on Facebook as I went along and most of my friends thought it looked cool before it was even finished!

And here is a better photo of the final project. I already have it hanging in my store!

I hope to have photos up soon of the other projects. It was such an amazing time! LOVED every minute of it and can't wait to play with all the great product I got!!!

Happy crafting my peeps!!