Friday 29 November 2019

So I finished off the winter canvas I was making for my friend. I am really happy with the end result. I just hope Wendy likes it! 

I really love those Merry Misfits stamps - can't wait to use them more this holiday season! So till next time, stay crafty my peeps!!

Wednesday 27 November 2019

Did a little more work last night on one of the gifts I am making for a friend. I am really happy with how it is coming out!! I just LOVE the Merry Misfits stamp set from Stampers Anonymous that I bought. I am definitely getting my money's worth out of it! The canvas is coming along just as I imagined it!!

I have until next week to finish it so should be good. It doesn't need much more than a couple finishing touches. So till next time, stay crafty my peeps!

Monday 25 November 2019


I have to say I have had a great birthday so far - I started today finding out that I won a huge prize package from one of my Facebook groups! The Mixed Up Creatives group I am in was running a contest along with the Supply Savvy Challenge that I participated in. As well as being able to participate in a swap, everyone who made any of the ATC's and submitted photos to the albums they posted was entered to win a prize. And I woke up this morning to find out the winner was ME!!!

Not only did I win all these great supplies, I get my Supply Savvy course for free - YAY ME!! What a great way to start my birthday. Especially since I was a bit bummed last night and really missing my Dad. I am choosing to think this was his way of getting me a birthday gift even though he is no longer her to give me one in person!!

I also got a TON of birthday wishes from my family and friends - as well as a virtual cake! My friends know me really well. LOL

I might need to see if my hubby can make me a cake like this for real one of these days. So till next time, stay crafty my peeps.

Sunday 24 November 2019

So I spent a little time in my craft room today - like I said I made a few more cards using the backgrounds I started earlier in the week. I really loved all the techniques that we learned over at the Mixed Up Creative Facebook Group. One of my favourites was the cling wrap technique. And I found that adding some of the opal polish that I got from Scrap Addicts gave it just the right finishing touch. I also used some of my new stamps to finish off the cards. I liked the one I made for my pal Jeannine so much that I did the same technique for more cards I had to make.

I made this one for my granddaughter Sarah.

And I made these three to send with the ATC's that I am swapping for the challenge. As part of the Supply Savvy Challenge over at Mixed up Creatives, we were able to sign up to swap up to three of the ATC's that we made. I decided to send these cards along with the ATC's to the three partners I got.

I have some more projects to do soon so when I was stamping the images for the cards I did a few extra. Not sure where they will end up, but colouring them was fun!

I also ended up making some treats for my grandkids. I found the idea on Pinterest, as well as getting one like it at the Christmas crop I went to. I hope the kids like them. But of course being candy they likely will!!

Another crafty weekend for me. And I still have other things on the go - as well as another crop coming up in a couple weeks. So till next time, stay crafty my peeps!

Saturday 23 November 2019

So Paint Night last night was a lot of fun. And it turns out it is becoming a tradition as we realized this morning that we did the Christmas themed painting last year too. It was fun hanging out with my crafty friends!

Michelle and Tanya are my painting buddies.

It was so fun to go to a paint class again - it has been awhile!

Started by creating the Christmas tree and skirt.

Then added the "table" or whatever it is the globe is sitting on.

Then had to figure out where the globe would go and add lights.

Then painted the base.

Of course a snow globe needs snow!

And of course MY snow globe needed a moose. Since there was NO WAY I could draw anything that would resemble a moose, I was lucky that Mary (our teacher) did it for me!!

Here is a close up - I LOVE MY MOOSE!!

I have to say I really love the end result of this class - I painted a snow globe!

Everyone's turned out so great!!

My hubby and I also did some Christmas shopping today and I finally got the Christmas decoration I have been wanting for years - a light up moose for our yard. It is perfect!!!

The surprise party for my friend was also tonight and it went super well. She was completely surprised and she absoluetly loved the gift I made her - it made her cry (in a good way!!) I also made her  a handmade card. I used the background I played with using the technique from my Facebook group Mixed Up Creatives. I am really happy how it came out and I think I will make more cards using it tomorrow.

I plan on spending more time in the craft room so should have more pics to share later. Till then, stay crafty my peeps!!

Friday 22 November 2019

Wasn't sure I was gonna get any crafting done this week, but when my hockey game didn't go my way I ended up finishing a project that I only thought I would do a minimum of work on! I have a friend whose birthday was this week, and with the help of her daughter I created this canvas for her. The photo in it is of her mom and grandson and is one of her favourite photos.

I also have a couple swaps coming up that I wanted to create some backgrounds for, so decided to try one of the techniques from the Supply Savvy Challenges over on Facebook. I used modelling paste through a stencil on the canvas for my friend and I didn't want to waste all the excess so cleaned the stencil onto a piece of mixed media board. Then did the day two technique of using cling wrap to add the colour and more texture. I also used my new paints. I really love the result.

Iam going to use this as backgrounds for cards and tags in my upcoming projects. And tonight I have a paint night to go to, so till next time stay crafty my peeps!

Thursday 21 November 2019

Haven't finished any other projects since the crop, but I do have several things on the go so thought I would share.

Since I gave one of the moose canvases to Donna at the crop and we discussed a gift exchange, I decided I had to make something for my pal Wendy too (besides the evacuation thank you gift I have in progress). I wanted to do something similar, but with a little different twist. This is what I have done on her gift so far.

I also got a BUNCH of happy mail yesterday. First, I got in an order from the fabulous gals at Scrap Addicts. Doing the ATC challenges last week made me realize I wanted some different colours of acrylic paints and they just got in some new ones. They also got a cute stamp I wanted. Can't wait to play with them all this weekend!

I also got a swap in the mail from a crafty pal. The theme was Thanksgiving/Fall and she did a fantastic job. She spoiled me too!! Not only did she make me a tag and send other goodies, she made me another book box (that was filled with stuff), and gave me an envelope album to put together. Hopefully I can figure it out! LOL

The other happy mail I got was the fall issue of Creative Scrapbooker Magazine. I don't have a project in it, but I was in it a few times with pictures from both Carnivals back in September!

This is the Calgary group photo - with me front and centre since I donated the Santa Hats!

My crafty pal Dawn with her winning layout!

Can't leave out my Edmotnon Carnival posse!

And my crafty pal Leona had a layout in the issue.

I have more projects I want to work on this weekend, as well as those gifts to finish so I should have more posts soon. Till then, stay crafty my peeps!!

Tuesday 19 November 2019

So I wanted to do a separate post about the canvases I worked on during my crop weekend - as I have several pictures of them and a story behind them. I figured they needed their own post.

I got the inspiration for these canvases from the Stampers Anonymous page on Facebook. I love their products - as you can tell by how many of them I own!! I follow them on Facebook and always love the stuff they post that people create. I saw this project a week or so ago and was instantly inspired as I own the Merry Moose die. My first thought was "I can do something like that" and I knew I had burlap canvases at home so figured this was a great project to work on during my craft weekend. Here is a shot of the project that inspired me.

I prepped a couple of the canvases I had at home, because even though they were burlap they already had other designs on them and I wanted to cover that up. So I gessoed them and painted them, as well as adding trees using paint through a stencil. I did this at home during the week as I didn't want to bring all my paints to the crop, not to mention the drying time!

The first thing I did with the blank burlap canvases I brought was to add trees to them as well. For these ones I decided to use heavy black gesso and used the same tree stencil to add it.

Next I cut out all the mooses I wanted, as well as a few of the trees that are part of the die cut set. I also punched out some other shaped trees with one of my Stampin Up punches. At this point I was all set up - just had to figure out how to finish the canvases!

It took a bit of thinking and playing around, but I eventually came up with what I wanted for the canvases and I absolutley love the end result. I wish the ones I had prepped at home I had used different paint as they came out a bit more pink than red, but I still am very happy with them. I kept the top one for me and gave the rest away to friends.

I also took a couple nicer pictures/close ups of the finished canveses, since the lighting in the gym where we had the crop was not really great!

One of the gals at the crop told me she liked mine better than the one I used as inspriation, so that was a nice compliment. She also told her sister I am our town's local celebrity scrapbooker (because I have been published), which I have to say made me blush! I really love how these came out - so much I think I might even want to make more! I just have to find more burlap canvases. Hope you like them too. Till next time, stay crafty my peeps!!

Monday 18 November 2019


So Saturday was another fun filled day of cropping! I got quite a bit done and had a lot of fun and laughs along the way. I finished off the canvases that I brought to work on, but I am gonna do a separate post all about them . Besides those projects, I did actually get quite a bit of other stuff done over the course of the weekend, as well as winning some prizes!

Once I finished my canvases the first other project I did was finishing a make n'take that I actually got back in September at Carnival. Thankfully I saved a picture of it on my phone cause otherwise I would have had no idea how to do it! LOL

The next projects I decided to do were some Christmas layouts. The theme of the crop was Christmas and I had Christmas themed photos from both Carnivals back in September to work on so figured it was a great time to do them. I am very happy how they came out.

Of course, through all the crafting over the weekend there were draws and contests, as well as a ton of great food. We were definitely spoiled. I didn't win any of the big prizes but I still did not go home empty handed.

I won this prize in the Brown Bag Raffle.

I got a great deal on this moose bag when Candice from 31 Bags 
set up a table of her stuff to sell.

I won this cool sign in the last draw of the weekend - the TV that was first prize
 would have been a bit cooler to win, but this was a pretty decent runner up prize to get!

And this was the Silent Auction item I "won"! 
Gott give cause it is a fundraising weekend after all!

This is the awesome thank you gift the organizers got us all, 
and it included a Timmy's gift card as well.

Supper for the weekend was a turkey dinner and the organizers also provided this AMAZING apple crisp for dessert - one of my favourite desserts so I was in HEAVEN!!

All in all it was a really fun weekend - Sunday didn't consist of much other than cleaning up and doing more visiting so I don't really have any photos from that. But when I got home and unpacked and put all the candy we got in one place I was pleasantly surprised with just how much candy we got this weekend - and my hubby was pretty excited too. LOL

After I unpacked and had some time to chill, I still had the urge to do a bit more crafting. So I decided to do up Day 5 of the Supply Savvy Challenge from my Facebook group Mixed Up Creatives. This one was super easy as well as fun and I think it is my new favourite of all the challenges.

I was able to use the Ranger Foil Tape I forgot I owned for this challenge - it helped me skip a step as I didn't have to glue down the foil (it was self adhesive!!). I wasn't able to make a decent looking heart from the left over foil, but I am lucky I have so much steampunk ephemera to choose from this wasn't really an issue! I can't wait to do the swap portion of this challenge as everyone who participated did such great stuff.

As I said before I am going to do a separate post about the canvases I made, so till then stay crafty my peeps!!