Friday 15 November 2019

So the other thing I have been working on this week are challenges from a Facebook group I am in. It is called Mixed Up Creatives and is an offshoot of an online store/teaching academy that I am also a part of called Mixed Up Creative Academy. It is out of the UK and the gals who run it are beyond amazing and do some fabulous projects! I have purchased several of the courses and love them all. 

One of the latest courses they are offering is called the Savvy Supply School - where they are gonna teach you how to use everyday products and supplies that you have at home to create fun projects. To promote it they are running a challenge this week called the Savvy Supply Challenge where each day for 5 days they show a different technique that you use to make an ATC. At the end of the challenge they are going to have a swap and there is also a contest. This was obviously right up my alley so I had to participate. Here are the ones I have done so far this week.

These are from day one. It took me several attempts to get this technique to work. Turns out I was using too much paint. The gals running the challenge were so great helping me figure out what I was doing wrong so that I could make the technique work!

These ones are from day two. I loved this technique as I figured it out first try! LOL

This one is from day three. I only did one and it took two tries - I didn't like the paint colours I chose on my first try. However I did like how the paint eventually dried so I decided to use the base after all and this is what I ended up with. Can't let an ATC go to waste!

Then this one is from day four of the challenge. I don't normally have rock salt at home, but earlier this year I found a recipe that called for it so I actually had it on hand.  And then when doing it I discovered it was sea salt! But it still worked - woohoo!!!  I think this one might just be my favourite of the ATC's so far - it has that grunge/vintage feel that I love.

I won't have time to do day five of the challenge until later this weekend, as tonight is when the crop I am going to starts - A Crafty Night Before Christmas. I cannot wait for the end of the day. I am all paked and ready to go!!

I really need some time with my crafty girlfriends - 6 pm is not going to get here fast enough for me. I will try and post photos over the weekend, but if not I will do a blog post on Monday. So till next time, stay crafty my peeps!

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