Sunday 27 May 2018

Stampin Up Party

So had some fun today with a few of my crafty pals from town. The new catalogs from Stampin Up for 2018-2019 just came out and one of my friends wanted to have a party and have me show them some ideas on how to use some of the new products. We had a lot of fun and I taught them all how to make a couple cards with a few ideas. Now of course I forgot to take photos of the group, but I did get them to send me pictures of some of the cards we made to give you an idea of the fun we had. Check out all the great cards the ladies went home with.

These first cards I was just showing them an easy way to use up any scrap paper they have hanging around - it is a great way to use it up and makes for a fun and often colourful card.

These next cards are what we did with the Brusho Crystal Colour. I love how they all came up with something slightly different. That is my favourite part of teaching classes. 
This is the video I used for inspiration to teach this technique.

And this card below is what one of the ladies did without me even showing her the technique. I love when people take what you show them and come up with something else themselves! I REALLY love how the drips look on this card. So pretty.

 I also showed the gals a couple techniques using the Stampin Up Blendable Pens, as well as how to use the stamp platform when you have the layered stamps and want to create a layered look when stamping. These are just the samples I did for them, but one of the gals liked them so much she took them home with her. Not sure what she is going to do with them, but whatever makes your customers happy, you do! LOL

It was a really fun afternoon hanging out with these ladies and I think the gal whose party it was is going to get a LOT of fun freebies as a lot of the ladies couldn't wait to order stuff. So till next time, stay crafty my peeps!

Thursday 24 May 2018

So I haven't been as creative as I would have liked this week. Between work being insanely busy and me fighting off a cold I did not make it down to my craft space. But I did get more happy mail this week, so my shopping addiction is as active as usual! LOL

I found another place to shop, which is not necessarily a good thing but oh well! I love the Blue Fern Studios paper that I get quite regularly from my pal Renea and her store I was using some of it when I went to Grimshaw and one of the papers I wanted more of. Unfortunately she didn't have any more of it so I was trying to find another source for it. And what do you know - Blue Fern Studios has a retail store!! Not sure that is a good thing, but of course I had to shop there and had to get some goodies. And boy did I make out well. Check out what I got!!

I cannot wait to scrapbook with all this stuff! till next time, stay crafty my peeps!

Monday 21 May 2018

May Long Weekend

Well, crafting was not in the cards for this first long weekend of the summer thus year - camping was the name of the game! We had a really great time so though it isn't craft related I thought I would share. I certainly got some fun photos that will likely make it into some of my crafting projects so I am gonna include it in my crafty blog!!

Can you tell my puppies like to go camping?!

This really is the life - just relaxing by the fire with the dogs!

Of course, it is not camping without Moose trying to sucker me out of food!

Or our dogs being totally lazy. This is their favourite part of camping - though it does 
make the bed a bit crowded that is for sure!

We also go for lots of walks when we go camping up in the NWT - we saw some industrious work by some beavers while on one of our walks. I was hoping to see the actual beaver but no luck. But it was amazing to see how much work goes into making their damns. And the scenery up at the falls is so beautiful as well. We got really great weather while we were there.

And as you can see I most DEFINITELY got my exercise while we were up there. We ended up doing both the walk from Louise Falls to Alexandra Falls (which is 4 km total) as well as the walk from Louise Falls to Escarpment Creek Falls (which is over 8 km total). Both the dogs and I were REALLY tired by the end of the day!!

So even though it wasn't a craft weekend, I did really have a lot of fun. I do have some crafty stuff coming up, so till then stay crafty my peeps!

Friday 18 May 2018

Creative Scrapbooker is such an AMAZING magazine! They gals that run it do such a great job of showcasing Canadian talent and all the wonderful people in the crafty world! I made it into the magazine again in the Summer 2018 edition. Though this time not for a project but for attending the great weekend my crafty pal Leona put on last month. And it is such a great photo!

I just love this magazine - and this issue has some great techniques I want to try! So till next time, stay crafty my peeps!!


I got some GREAT happy mail yesterday!! My crafty pal Renea and her store ReneaBouquets had a contest on Facebook and the theme was UNDER THE SEA. I submitted the following project for this contest.

The only stipulation was that you had to use something that she sells in her store. And what do you know - my name was drawn as the WINNER!! I was super excited! I got my prize in the mail yesterday so had to do a video to share my goodies.

I can't wait to play with them - they are going to be great on pages for my cruise album I am working on that is for sure! 

I won't be getting down to my craft room until at least Monday as it is the holiday long weekend and we are going for our first camping trip. I hope you all have a fun time as I know I will. So till next time, stay crafty my peeps!

Tuesday 15 May 2018


Had a GREAT weekend crafting with my pals in Grimshaw. It was a blast going to a crop and just have fun, not be the organizer! And started the weekend by having a nice fire with my pals.

It was fun getting started - had to have treats!

And I got quite a lot done - 11 pages total!!

Did this one first - one of the gals had these over-sized tags she got from work and she shared them with us all. I used them to do this layout. I had the newsletters from the cruise and wanted to use them so the tags worked perfectly. Now my layout is interactive! LOL

Then I was showing everyone a technique with the Brusho Crystal Colours from Stampin Up.
I used them for the background of this page.

The next page I did was using some of the great Blue Fern paper I got from my pal Renea at her shop ReneaBouquets! It was just DYING to be fussy cut and popped up. I really love how this page came out. I had another crafty friend comment when I put it on Instagram that she had just finished a page using the same paper - she popped up the wheel too! Great minds!! 

Then I wanted to do a couple simpler pages - I used some Bo Bunny Make A Splash paper that I loved the colours of so used them for a few layouts. 
This is the first two page layout I did with it.

Then I had to go back to the Kaisercraft paper I got from the monthly kit from Treasured Memories that I bought. This paper just made it soooooo easy to be creative. The hardest part was trying to remember where this picture was from. My husband was not much help in this department, but between us I think we figured it out!

And then I did another layout with the same paper line. Didn't want to do much to this paper as it is just so gorgeous! It was a pretty easy layout to do really.

Then I finished the day doing two more simple layouts with the Bo Bunny Make A Splash paper (which I got from my crafty pal Sandy and her store Scrapbook Fanatics. I really love the colours of this paper and it was fun making these layouts.

I really had fun hanging with my Grimshaw pals and getting my craft on. I got a third of my vacation finished! Looking forward to working on it more. So till next time, stay crafty my peeps!

Thursday 10 May 2018

I got another package yesterday, but I didn't film my opening of it as it only had a couple items in it. But I do have to share as I got the coolest gift with the package. I ordered stuff from Treasured Memories on the weekend because they had a great sale for National Scrapbook Day. What I didn't realize is that they were also celebrating National Comic Book Day - they always have themes for their crops and this months theme was Super Heros. Well everyone who came to the crop got a comic book, and KC (my pal who is part of the family that owns the store) said she was sending me a free comic too. And she definitely knows me cause take a look at the comic she sent!!

Is this me or what?!?!

And this is what I bought - I have to still show you even if I didn't do a video

I needed an album for my Jasper/Banff trips I am in the process of scrapbooking. And I have wanted that die for awhile, and I could finally afford it with the NSD discount I got. I already have the die packed to use this weekend at the Grimshaw crop I am headed to. I will make sure to post pictures. So till next time, stay crafty my peeps!

Tuesday 8 May 2018


As I had said earlier, I actually finished a project that I started THREE years ago! We went to the Maritimes back in 2012 so that Doug could show me where he grew up and I could meet some of his family. It was a really great time - and I started to make an album for the trip when I was at a crop in Edmonton back in 2015. I had thought I had finished the project but when looking for some stuff in one of my containers I found a whole bunch of pictures from the trip. I realized that I had actually only done about 1/4 of the vacation! So I decided that I was GOING to finish the project at the crop this weekend. And I DID!! Here are some photos of the project.

Here are some of the pages in the book

And these are some of the tags - each page has a space for a tag of some kind.

And the inside of the back cover

And here are some shots of the outside, and the inside of the book as a whole.

And here is a look at the front cover.

And back when I made the project I made a companion writing desk to go with it - the original idea was to put the the album it the box but I made it too big so instead the box is filled with other keepsakes from the trip. Here are some photos of the box - my fabulous hubby even custom made the little row boat and oars for me!

And here is a look at the box and album together.

I also did a little walk through video, as there was so much to the album it was hard to take photos of the whole thing. This way you can see all the pages and the tags that I made for each one.

I had fun finishing this project - and now I can move on to something else. LOL So till next time, stay crafty my peeps!

Sunday 6 May 2018


Well I have to say that this weekend was a complete success!! Everyone had a great time, we raised some money for the library and I even got a project finished! Here are some pictures from the weekend.

And we are off! The Friday night gang had a lot of fun!!

Day two started off with a bang too - we had to do some scrambling to get chairs but it worked out in the end. And we had almost a full house too!!

And the food was wonderful all day - these are the cupcakes I donated made by a great friend.

And look - we even had Moose cupcakes!!

Of course we had to get a group photo - hopefully
 it will make it into Creative Scrapbooker Magazine.

Everyone mostly did their own thing, but I did do one technique class. I show everyone how to use the new Brusho Crystal Colour from Stampin Up. It is really fun and easy to use and you get some really fantastic results. Check it out.

And then on today there were the die-hards - and several of them to boot!!

Besides having fun, I ACTUALLY got a project done! I was surprised, as it felt like I spent all my time running around doing the organizational stuff. But in the end I finished my album project - that I started 3 years ago, lol. Here are some photos of the pages I worked on this weekend,

It really was a successful weekend. And looking at initial numbers, it looks like we raised just over $1000.00 for the library. Which is amazing for just 17 ladies in attendance. I want to take better photos and maybe even a video of my album, so will post those soon. Till next time, stay crafty my peeps!