Thursday 30 June 2016

So as predicted, I didn't get down to my craft room much in June. Things have been pretty crazy and I hope to spend some more time down there in July - especially if this heat wave we are having keeps up. My craft room is the coolest place in the house at the moment so that is my plan.

I had hoped to get some crafting done this week, but I got thrown for a loop on Monday. I know this isn't craft related, but is life related so wanted to share with you my crafty peeps who support me. I found out on Monday that I have Type 2 Diabetes. I knew I had high sugars but didn't realize I was actually diabetic. My doctors and the nurse helping me figure diet and exercise is all I need at the moment to correct things, but it is still a serious disease and with my family history of heart issues it is definitely something I have to get under control.

So after a couple minor meltdowns, I am on to changing my lifestyle! I have a machine for testing my sugars that now that I have the hang of it I am getting used to! Of course one of my meltdowns was when I couldn't figure out how to do the test properly! But with a little patience and my great hubby for support I figured it out!!

And I have even gotten back into an exercise routine! I went back to the pool - which I forgot how much I loved. Swimming is one of the best exercises for me and since it is my favourite form of exercising I am gonna rock this!! I am pretty outta practice/shape but I know it will come back. And I even have my hubby joining me!!

And I am going to be biking regularly too! I won a bike at the ladies golf tournament 2 years ago and I finally got out and used it!! I don't even remember the last time I was on a bike - I almost thought I was gonna forget how to ride - lol!! But I loved it and since I am not really supposed to do high impact exercising, this swimming and biking is great!!

So thanks for listening all and being a great support system!! I will try and post some projects this coming week - gotta get back to my crafty space to work out some of my frustrations over this new change in my life!! Till next time, stay crafty my peeps!!

Thursday 23 June 2016

So I wasn't even sure I was going to be able to video or anything for a bit because last night we had the craziest storm and had no power for awhile. We had more rain in one shot than I think I have ever seen in all the 18 years I have lived here! Absolutely crazy.

But I did get a chance to do a couple videos so wanted to share. First, I got my prize package from the awesome Renea Harrison for the contest she did called the Mad Muse Challenge. She did this for her great store Reneabouquets and I WON!!! I was a little worried that my prize might have gotten wrecked because it was in my car and since I left my windows slightly open because of the heat earlier in the day, rain and hail got in during our torrential downpour. But luckily Renea packages her stuff REALLY well and everything was fine. I can't wait to create with it all!!! Make sure you check her out - she ROCKS!!!

Then I had to share the goodies I got from Donna Downey. I was going to wait as my other fab friend Wendy at W2Scrapbooking (check out the link to her shop below!) had suggested I wait till Donna's site had a special on shipping, but I just have no will power and I couldn't wait!! I had to get some stencils too, so all in all it worked out great. Check out my goodies that I cannot wait to play with.

Well if it is a nice weekend I will be golfing, but if the rain keeps up I will be in my craft room! Till next time, stay crafty my peeps!!

Wednesday 22 June 2016

As I expected, getting down to my craft room is not gonna be as easy in the summer but I did get down there a bit this week and finished off a project.

I really liked the Heidi Swapp Marquee letters when got one in with one of my SOD/SOE kits. I wanted and M - obviously - but had a lot of trouble finding one. Then my fab pal Tricia ended up getting me the display one from the fab staff at Treasured Memories.  And of course I had to do it up Steampunk style! Here are some close ups as well as pics of it as a whole and lit up.

I hope to spend a bit more time in my craft room this weekend, so till next time - stay crafty my peeps!

Wednesday 15 June 2016

I finally found the time to finish the third canvas that I started when I was at the National Scrapbook Day crop in Edmonton back in May. I have to say I am beyond happy with how this turned out - especially because I almost tossed it in the trash when I was in Edmonton cause I thought I had messed it up beyond repair.

I started this canvas when I did the two that turned out to be the LOVE ones that I finished in the city. I didn't have the Mica sprays with me that I wanted to use and when trying something else the canvas just ended up looking horrible (baby puke comes to mind when describing the colour it turned! LOL) But instead of just tossing it when I started over with another canvas. I took this one and painted over it with black Gesso and then started again. This is what I had done while in the city.

Over the black Gesso I had added some Mica Sprays and Inka Gold and was quite happy with it after all. Then I just had to figure out where to take it from here. 

I ended up deciding to use a picture from one of our cruises from a few years ago. This is a shot of St. Lucia as the boat was leaving for the day. It was my husband's pic as he really like this shot. I added flowers and bling to it, along with a quote I liked that was actually on the paper I used to matt the photo. I am thrilled with the end result!!!

Here are some close ups:

And here is the full canvas - gonna hang it tonight when I get home!

Hope you like the project! Till next time, stay crafty my peeps!

Tuesday 14 June 2016

I got more happy mail this week too! I got my ATC from my partner in the Scraps of Elegance/Darkness ATC swap. She did a great job!! I love that she made me an M for it. And the extra flowers she sent are cool too. I think I am going to use them on one of my next projects!!

Can't wait to see what I get from my other ATC partner. Till next time, stay crafty my peeps!
I actually got down to my craft room last night!! Woohoo!!

I got the chance to finish week two of my IW2016 class. I wasn't sure I was gonna like this week as when I got to this stage I wasn't that happy with it. Kinda felt blah about it.

But then I got out my inner pyromaniac and did the burning sections. And then I glazed it and what do you know - I LOVED IT!! Finished it off with some Donna stamps and poof - totally happy with it!!

I also, as usual, had left over paint so decided to start another project. I had a Heidi Swapp letter M that I got from my pal Tricia and Treasured Memories that I wanted to do up Steampunk style so started it off by using up the leftover Burnt Umber paint I had used to glaze my IW page. I have no idea where I am going to go from here, but I think it is a good start!

I am hoping to spend some more time in my craft room tonight to decompress from my crazy start to the week so will post more pics as I go. Till next time, stay crafty my peeps!

Monday 13 June 2016

So I didn't really get down to my craft room this weekend - too busy hanging out with my hubby after he was away all week! But I did want to share my great haul I got from my fab Facebook friend Julie. She was de-stashing and I took advantage. She had all this great Gorjuss girl stuff that I just HAD to have!! I cannot wait to play with it all!!!

I will make sure I share pics of what I do with it! Till then, stay crafty my peeps!

Saturday 11 June 2016

With it being the end of the school year, the weather being nicer and being stupid busy at work, I am not sure how many blog posts I'm gonna have for a while, but thought I would try and get one this weekend!

I'm got some great goodies in the mail this week, all from some great people whose stores I LOVE! Make sure you check out their links at the bottom of my blog to see how great they are - especially if you are as addicted as me to scrapbook shopping!! Scrap Addicts and W2Scrapbooking are my total go to places when I need supplies (and even when I DON'T need, just WANT!!)

Check out my great finds:

I already have a couple projects in mind for these so will post when I get them tone. Till next time, stay crafty my peeps!

Monday 6 June 2016

I can't believe how much I actually got done this weekend - especially when you consider that I spent a good portion of it being lazy and not getting off my couch!

But when I did move my but, I did get some good stuff done. First off, I had to put together my gifts for my Not So Secret Sister swap that I am doing with one of my Facebook groups. I already had her birthday gift and card ready to go as I knew I had to do that for July. I also got her some Canada Day stuff for July (since we don't do 4th of July in Canada I thought I would send her some Canada luv!) Then I made here some other stuff for the other months and had goodies to add as well. Hope she likes her gifts!

In the process of putting this together, I decided to make up the cards I got as a kit when I was in Edmonton last month for my crop at Treasured Memories. I got a great kit that made 6 different cards and since I wanted to use at least one for my NSSS swap I did the whole batch! (The one for my partner was already boxed up so isn't in the picture).

And I also started week 2 of my IW2016 class. Not sure how this is gonna end up, but was fun to start with!

I have a feeling I might get lots of crafting done this week cause my hubby is away all week and I will want to keep busy so I don't miss him too much. Till next time, stay crafty my peeps!!

Thursday 2 June 2016

Spent some time doing some crafting last night so I could get some of my swaps done and get more work done on the first week of IW2016 class.

I started off by doing a test piece so I could figure out what colours I wanted to use. I did this on some chipboard so I am going to send this as an extra along with one of my swaps.

Then I finished off the first page of IW2016. I can't believe it has taken me so long. I can't wait to keep going!!

As usual, I had paint left over from this project, so since I hate waste, I started another project with it. I got this wooden heart in my creativity add on from my Scraps of Elegance/Darkness kit so thought it was a good fit for the leftover paint.

Then I finished off some ATCs for a swap in my Scraps of Elegance/Darkness group. I think we were supposed to do a flower theme and I made three ATCs like I always do. Hope my partner likes them!

I also realized that it was June and I had a package from my Not So Secret Sister Angela to open. As usually, I got spoiled! Loved it all!!

So I hope to get more crafting done this week - till next time, stay crafty my peeps!

Wednesday 1 June 2016

Starting the month of June with fantastic happy mail!! I really hit the jackpot this month with my swap partners!!! Check out all the fab goodies I got.

First I got the awesome altered cans from my partner Lotte - all the way from Denmark. She sent me tons of extras too. So fun!!

Then I got completely blown away by my awesome pal Deb who I had as a partner in the Artist Trading Block and Steampunk card swap. These are the pics she took and they are even cooler in person!!!

Then I go to the mail today and I get this PHENOMENAL package from Julie in Australia. The pictures just don't do them justice. They are so gorgeous in person I can't even describe it. She sent me an altered mousetrap that was just crazy good, as well as an angel kiss that included the coolest card I have ever seen. Not to mention a bunch of extras like lace and misc. metal pieces. I got SO SPOILED!!!!!

It is like Christmas every day for me lately! So till next time, stay crafty my peeps!