Monday 30 November 2015

So let's see if I can do what I said and post something every day this week!

I wanted to make this post about my art journaling - since that seems to be all I did this weekend.

First off, I got several of my own pages finished and the photos edited for them.

All three of these pages started out as junk pages - a page you put leftover mediums on (gesso, paint, etc.) so you don't waste them. I am finding alot of my backgrounds are starting out that way.  Makes for some fun pages I think!

This page was inspired by my crafty friend Paula at the crop we were at this weekend. She did a similar background so I got her to show me how I did it and then I picked different stencils and sayings for it.  Love the end result.

And this page was inspired by another crafty friend - Kassandra. I love her pages and the background was something she showed me how to do.  And I think the caption is so me!!

Finally, I finished off some online classes that I have been doing. This is a sneak peak of the November class I did with the fab Dawn from The Inked Stamper. Gonna be sad when this class is done next month!  It was simple but really turned out awesome!! And the best part - my hubby and I figured out how to make my own stencils!!

I also got another class done from another amazing teacher - Cori-Lyn at Scrap Addicts in Edmonton does the coolest Art Journaling classes. And she is so accommodating - I couldn't make the regularly scheduled class so she did the class just with me when I ended up stuck in Edmonton for an extra day! How totally uber-cool is that.

Make sure you check them out - they are da bomb!!

Scrap Addicts

So I hope you like all my pages.  Stay crafty my peeps!

Sunday 29 November 2015

Ok things have been TOTALLY crazy for this last few weeks, and going to a crop I couldn't post pics, but I am back now and can show off some of the things I have been working on.

I got 4 swaps done at the great crop I attended with the gang from Scrap Addicts in Edmonton. Since I want my partners to be surprised and I haven't finished editing them yet, I won't post them yet.

However, I did get some of my own stuff done too. Here is a canvas I finished.

I also got some journaling done.  Here are just a couple things I got done.

I have more photos of things I did to post, but I have to get more editing done.  I am gonna try and post every day this week so wish me luck!

Stay crafty my peeps!

Monday 16 November 2015

Obviously I have been busy in November as I haven't posted much. But I did get some stuff done and I was at a crop this weekend so got even more done!

First, I had a private swap with a friend of mine. We made swag bags for each other and this is what I made for her! I filled it with goodies I hope she likes!!

And then this weekend I went to a crop at the learning store. For the very FIRST TIME EVER I got everything done that I brought with me to do! Well almost! For the last layout I worked on I had to add lettering and butterflies once I got home. But I got a lot accomplished.

I wanted to use the other pics I had from my fun photo shoot with Melanie and this great kit from Monday Night Class was the perfect choice!

Then I made some cards from a Stampin Up kit I had. I decided to leave off the sentiments that they suggested as I didn't bring my stamps. Plus this way I can use them for whatever occasion I wish.

I also had a kit I picked up AGES ago at The Inked Stamper that was put together by a friend of mine - I worked on it but since I had to do some final touches at home I don't have a pic yet. I will post that later.

I am off to another crop this weekend so will have more pics to post later!

Stay crafty my peeps!
Totally psyched this morning - I am officially internationally published again!!

I am in Just Steampunk Magazine - Volume 7.

I found out months ago, but the magazine only came today. And they published ALL THREE of my submissions! I am on two different pages!!!

Talk about a great way to start my week!!

So all totaled, I have been published 4 times - twice in Canadian Scrapbooker and twice in Just Steampunk!  So exciting to be recognized for your work!

Stay crafty my peeps!