Thursday 31 December 2015

So not only is it the end of 2015, it is the last day of the month and I have done it - I have posted every day this month!!!

I finished off the year with a few more hours in my craft room. I finished off week 21 of my Inspiration Wednesday class. I really tried to finish off the classes before the year was over, but I didn't quite make it. I got pretty close though - I only have 4 weeks left so might be able to finish it off before the new year of inspiration starts.

If you haven't had a chance, you should really check out Donna Downey's site and if you can, you should TOTALLY take the Inspiration Wednesday class!

Donna Downey

And then I got a start on a late Xmas gift for a friend. I kept going back and forth on what to do for her, and then I found a link for a technique by the fab Donna Downey from an old IW video and I decided what I wanted to do for her. It is a canvas that I hope she really likes!

And finally, I started a few canvases for another swap I signed up for. I didn't want the paint I was using for my journal to go to waste so used it for the start of the canvases, as well as another journal page.  I hate wasting paint!

I hope everyone has had a great year - I have to say mine has been pretty great. Especially crafting wise. I got to do so much this year. Here are some highlights:

The year started with the fabulous Go All Night Crop that High Level hosts where I got to hang with my scrapbook posse

I got to meet the fabulous Finnabair

I got to go to not only Prima Art Venture, but the Great Canadian Scrapbook Carnival

And along with several crops both in the city and at the fabulous Scrappy Apple in La Crete, I hosted a crop as a fundraiser for the local library that was a HUGE success!!

I got to spend time with some great crafty buddies

And coolest of all, I was published again - with three different projects in an American magazine!!!

Well, the first few days of the new year are gonna be nuts, but I will be back in 2016. Until then, stay crafty my peeps!

Wednesday 30 December 2015

Well December is almost over and I have been successful in posting every day so far this month!  It has been a nice month and a pretty crafty one too!

So I did a few things today in my craft room.  First I worked on an album that I have had in progress for quite awhile. I plan on coloring different Julie Nutting Doll stamps for each page. So far I have just the front cover done.

Then I was going to finish up a journal page I started way back in September, but then looking at it again, I decided that I liked it as is and it was finished.

And then I did some more work on the latest week of my Inspiration Wednesday class. I think I am gonna like this one in the end!

Well until tomorrow, stay crafty my peeps!

Tuesday 29 December 2015

I wasn't sure I was going to be able to post today - my Internet was down all day!  But it finally came back so I am able to keep up my goal to post every day in December.

I did get a bunch of crafting done today though, so that was fun.  First, I finished the page I did that was inspired by a YouTube tutorial I found.

Here is the link to the video if you want to see how I learned to do this page.

Scrap Time

Then I finished off week 20 of my Inspiration Wednesday class. I am so happy that my hubby was able to help me make the stencil I needed to do this week.  It was a fun week.

After that I finished up another page I started last week  - that was inspired by a quote I found on Pinterest. I had my fab friend Cathy do the lettering for me.

Well till tomorrow, stay crafty my peeps

Monday 28 December 2015

It was very difficult to get my but off my couch today - the family went home today so my house is back to normal (ish!)

I did finally get back to my craft room - at least for a bit.  I did a bit more work on week 20 of my Inspiration Wednesday class, as well as a bit more work on a journal page that was inspired by a YouTube tutorial I found when trying to find out how to use my iZink inks.  Really liking how they both are turning out.

But my comfy couch is calling - along with the Star Wars trilogy I bought my hubby for Christmas. So till tomorrow, stay crafty my peeps!

Sunday 27 December 2015

The month (and year) is almost over and I have been successful so far in posting every day.  It has worked pretty well - and I am still getting a ton of visiting in with the family.

So today I finished another part of my gift for a friend - I ended up printing off two photos because I didn't know which one to use for the canvas (which was her main gift). So I decided to do something with the other photo. I just did the cover up and covered the other pages with paper. I am leaving the rest of the album for her to do with as she likes.

And then my fabulous hubby helped me make the stencil I needed to start week 20 of my Inspiration Wednesday class. And I got it started.

And I started another journal page - the background is a technique I found on YouTube. Didn't turn out the same as the tutorial I saw, but I like the end result.

Well till tomorrow, stay crafty my peeps!

Saturday 26 December 2015

Spent another pretty quiet day around the house - hanging out with the family. Really nice way to spend the holidays!

I did get down to my craft room  - finished off the Xmas gift I was making for my friend Cindy. I really hope she likes it.

But the majority of the day was spent hanging with the cutest baby ever!!

Till tomorrow, stay crafty my peeps!

Friday 25 December 2015

Merry Christmas Everyone!

I hope you all had as fabulous a day as I had. I spent it with my family and spoiling my youngest grandson. I also got spoiled by my hubby!

He bought me a Mini Minc and a whack of accessories to go with it (along with some clothes and socks - which I desperately needed!)

And I did get down to my craft room for a little bit, to get a bit of work done on a journal page I started and to continue work on my friend Cindy's Xmas gift.

But mostly I just hung out with my family and played with my grandson - the best way to spend the holidays!!

Merry Christmas and stay crafty my peeps!

Thursday 24 December 2015

I didn't get much crafting done yesterday - but I had a VERY good reason!! My family showed up yesterday - I got to snuggle my adorable grandson!!!!

But before they arrived I did get into my craft room for a bit.  I prepped pretty much all my journals - I figure I can get some journaling done over the holidays.

And I did get another layer done on the Xmas gift I am making for my friend Cindy.

Well, Merry Christmas everyone and if I can I will post tomorrow. Till then stay crafty my peeps!!

Wednesday 23 December 2015

I got totally spoiled yesterday - received two of my swaps and I got such great stuff! I got an ATC from one gal, along with some extras. Then I got a super cool ornament that looks like a house from another partner. And along with the ornament she sent me a pocket letter, a mini album and a bunch of other extras. So spoiled!!

Then I got even more happy mail because I got a card with some goodies from the Admin team at Chic Craftique. So sweet of them.

And I did a little more work on another Christmas gift - I really hope Cindy likes it!

But my favorite part of the evening was that my hubby finally got a chance to hang up one of my birthday gifts from a friend. I now have this fun picture to look at while I craft!

So till tomorrow  - stay crafty my peeps!