Saturday 30 September 2017


So, day two of our crop was as much fun as day one! These gals really know how to have a good time. I got my big Moleskin A3 journal started - Paula and I worked on it together, but since it had to have so much drying time, didn't get much done on it. But I did get it broken in!

And of course, we had a LOT of fun, considering that they gave us all wine!!!

We made ours into spritzers. Yummy!!!

And the group photo turned out so cool - the fall colours made for such a fun photo.

I - of course - had to scrap this!!

I got quite a bit done too - I can't show one project as it is for a contest, but here is some of the other stuff I got done day two:

It is easy to scrapbook my grand kids when they are so stinking cute!!

And I did more work on the ATC's I started at the PMS crop. I prepped them first - and then check out the ones I finished.

All in all, a pretty fab say! We really had a blast! So till next time and more adventures, stay crafty my peeps!

Friday 29 September 2017

Craft N' Scrap Weekend in Grimshaw - Day 1

So later today I am off and gone for another crafty weekend! I will update this post later with more pictures from today (we leave after work), but so far I am all packed and ready to go!! Can't wait!!!

We arrived!

Let the fun begin!!

Look at the goodies they gave us!!

And I actually got some crafting in the first night!

So till next time with more pics of the weekend, stay crafty my peeps!!

Saturday 23 September 2017


So we had NO trouble finding the venue for the second day - which was good because I had to get there first thing for a class. I took a fantabulous class with the crazy fun Cathie Allan! She was a hoot - and I not only learned some fun techniques, I laughed so hard my sides hurt!! LOL.  Here are some shots of the class as well as the crazy lady herself. And you know it is a good class when you go out an buy more product because of it!!

If you want to see more of Cathie and her style, check out this tutorial she did on YouTube. This is very similar in style to what we were learning on the weekend. And if you ever get the chance to learn from her DO IT!! She is a so much fun!!!

And I got quite a lot done the second day two, especially considering I took a class. Here is a look at all the layouts I did - except of course the one that is getting PUBLISHED (lol - since I can't show it till it does! I just love saying that, can't you tell!!)

All in all, it was a pretty great crafty weekend. I got lots done, I am going to be in the Spring 2018 edition of Creative Scrapbooker and I came home with a ton of prizes for the October library crop.

And then to end the weekend I got to hang out with my family in Edmonton on the way home. Didn't get to see my sister, but my parents and my nieces and I had some fun!

So it was really a great weekend. And now I have only a few days to recover before I do it all again in Grimshaw this coming weekend. So till next time, stay crafty my peeps!

Friday 22 September 2017


So today the adventure began - though we got a bit side tracked on the way to the venue when Google Maps on my phone decided to send us to the wrong side of the city! GRRRR!! But once we got to Spruce Meadows it was all GREAT!! The gals at Creative Scrapbooker really go all out and it is the best time. I mean really - check out this AMAZING goodie bag we got!!!

And of course then we had to go and shop at all the fabulous vendors and say hi to all our crafty friends. Just look at all this fun fantastic-ness!!

We even made it into Creative Memories Instagram post!! Can you see me?!

Of course Cathy and I had to pose in the photo booth and get our picture taken in our great Canada outfits. We got so many compliments (and laughs) at our craziness.

And you know I HAD to scrapbook these shenanigans!! (And this layout is going to be featured on the Creative Scrapbooker blog at some point too - pretty excited!)

I actually got a fair amount done for the first day of Carnival I have to say. Not only did I do this Canadian layout of us gals, I did one THAT IS GONNA BE PUBLISHED!!! I can't post it here yet because of that, but I am going to be in the Spring 2018 issue of the magazine. Obviously I am pretty stoked as it is the first layout I have ever had chosen. I got a couple more layouts started, and I did this background page that is going to go in a shadow box cover that I have from another project where I only used the inside part of the box.

The day passed really quickly - and then I got to create more memories to scrapbook as I got to hang out with all my grand kids! I sometimes cannot believe how blessed I am. They are all so adorable!!

At this point it was then time to head back to the hotel so I could rest up for day two! Till next time and more adventures, stay crafty my peeps!

Thursday 21 September 2017

Carnival Adventure Weekend - Day 1

So today was the start of my crafty weekend adventure - headed to Calgary for the Great Canadian Scrapbook Carnival 2017. My fabulous hubby was willing to be a chauffeur for me (I hate driving in Calgary - and this way he gets to spend time with the grand babies!) so we were off bright and early.

The start of the day was pretty uneventful - the LONG drive to the city that we do so often. But then we got to pick up my crafty pal Cathy in Leduc and the fun started!!

Of course, the rest of the day was pretty much more driving, but I don't get to see Cathy that often so we had time to do some visiting on the remainder of the drive. And then we made it to the hotel so we could rest up for our crafty craziness tomorrow.

But one of the highlights of my day was getting another shout out from Creative Scrapbooker magazine on their blog. I am one of the major sponsors so I got a big thank you from them. Check it out!

So I will try and take lots of photos tomorrow - not only of the crazy craftiness, but of my grand kids too! So till next time, stay crafty my peeps! 

Wednesday 20 September 2017

So I am pretty excited today - I am already to go to the Great Canadian Scrapbook Carnival in Calgary this weekend! Not only do I get to hang out with all my crafty pals and be creative, I will get to see my grand babies (hopefully all of them, but at least two of them anyway!)

But I think I also have some definitive proof that I have WAY too much stuff in terms of scrapbooking - even with all my stuff packed up I was able to finish up an ATC. And I like how it turned out too.

I was invited to join a Facebook group called Mixed Media ATC Junkies. The group is run by my fab crafty pal Candy Rosenberg. At the PMS Crop I started out by prepping a WHOLE bunch of ATC's - I did a whole lot of different techniques on each card so I would have different looks for them all.

Then of course my life got stupid busy and I wasn't able to do anything else with them. I did finish one at the PMS crop, but mostly because all I did was slightly alter the image I used as the background. I do like it though - it is fun!!

But last night I was able to finish at least one more of them. For the background I used one of the baby wipes I had on hand. I used it to clean up paint from another project - then once it dried I realized the colours were really cool and I could not just throw it out. All I had to do after that was add some embellishments. I just love how it came out.

And the best part? I put it up this morning on the group, and within SECONDS someone had asked if I could trade with her! Kinda made my day! I am looking forward to working on more of the this weekend at Carnival and the week after at the crop in Grimshaw.

So until next time, stay crafty my peeps!

Tuesday 19 September 2017

September Design Team Project

So I am a day late, but my day got away from me yesterday and I didn't remember until the end of the day. But I did get my project done so thought I would show you all how I did it! The theme for this month was School fun with the twist of books. I had this cool alterable book that opened that I wanted to use and I think that it turned out pretty good.

I got my inspiration from this great tutorial from one of the design team members for a crafty friend's store - ReneaBouquets

(Just a note - this is the second of three videos but I am only posting this one as it is the one that shows the majority of the techniques that I used.)

This is what the box looked like before doing anything to it.

Then on the inside I added some Tim Holtz tissue paper

Then on the outside of the box I added different items for texture

And on the inside of the box I added some pencils, books and chalk
 to achieve the look I wanted.

The next stages were to add white gesso on the outside of the box and black gesso 
all over the outside of the box

After that, I lightly brushed super heavy white gesso to the outside of the box

For the inside of the box I finished it off by glazing (as per Donna Downey!), using some teal and copper paint which I painted over the entire inside of the box and then once it sat for a second to dry I wiped away most of it with a baby wipe.

To finish off the outside of the box I applied a couple different sprays (Prima Bloom Sprays in Berry Wine and Vintage Metal Tea Stain) as well as Inka Gold (in Copper and Gold) 
to get the look I was going for. 

These are some photos of the finished project.

I hope you like my finished project. And make sure you check out the video where I got my inspiration - as well as Renea's shop. She has some amazing stuff and the video shows a few other techniques that I am planning on trying on other projects!

Till next time, stay crafty my peeps!!