Saturday, 23 September 2017


So we had NO trouble finding the venue for the second day - which was good because I had to get there first thing for a class. I took a fantabulous class with the crazy fun Cathie Allan! She was a hoot - and I not only learned some fun techniques, I laughed so hard my sides hurt!! LOL.  Here are some shots of the class as well as the crazy lady herself. And you know it is a good class when you go out an buy more product because of it!!

If you want to see more of Cathie and her style, check out this tutorial she did on YouTube. This is very similar in style to what we were learning on the weekend. And if you ever get the chance to learn from her DO IT!! She is a so much fun!!!

And I got quite a lot done the second day two, especially considering I took a class. Here is a look at all the layouts I did - except of course the one that is getting PUBLISHED (lol - since I can't show it till it does! I just love saying that, can't you tell!!)

All in all, it was a pretty great crafty weekend. I got lots done, I am going to be in the Spring 2018 edition of Creative Scrapbooker and I came home with a ton of prizes for the October library crop.

And then to end the weekend I got to hang out with my family in Edmonton on the way home. Didn't get to see my sister, but my parents and my nieces and I had some fun!

So it was really a great weekend. And now I have only a few days to recover before I do it all again in Grimshaw this coming weekend. So till next time, stay crafty my peeps!

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