Friday 22 September 2017


So today the adventure began - though we got a bit side tracked on the way to the venue when Google Maps on my phone decided to send us to the wrong side of the city! GRRRR!! But once we got to Spruce Meadows it was all GREAT!! The gals at Creative Scrapbooker really go all out and it is the best time. I mean really - check out this AMAZING goodie bag we got!!!

And of course then we had to go and shop at all the fabulous vendors and say hi to all our crafty friends. Just look at all this fun fantastic-ness!!

We even made it into Creative Memories Instagram post!! Can you see me?!

Of course Cathy and I had to pose in the photo booth and get our picture taken in our great Canada outfits. We got so many compliments (and laughs) at our craziness.

And you know I HAD to scrapbook these shenanigans!! (And this layout is going to be featured on the Creative Scrapbooker blog at some point too - pretty excited!)

I actually got a fair amount done for the first day of Carnival I have to say. Not only did I do this Canadian layout of us gals, I did one THAT IS GONNA BE PUBLISHED!!! I can't post it here yet because of that, but I am going to be in the Spring 2018 issue of the magazine. Obviously I am pretty stoked as it is the first layout I have ever had chosen. I got a couple more layouts started, and I did this background page that is going to go in a shadow box cover that I have from another project where I only used the inside part of the box.

The day passed really quickly - and then I got to create more memories to scrapbook as I got to hang out with all my grand kids! I sometimes cannot believe how blessed I am. They are all so adorable!!

At this point it was then time to head back to the hotel so I could rest up for day two! Till next time and more adventures, stay crafty my peeps!

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