Thursday, 7 November 2019

So as I said I spent this past weekend doing even more crafting - I still had a couple swaps to finish. I got one done and another mostly finished. I also got some more crafty goodies, so it was a pretty fun weekend. Check out my latest goodies.

Here are photos of the backgrounds I did using the new Oxide Sprays

Though I played with my new goodies a little bit, I mostly worked on my swaps. The one I finished was a fall canvas. I am really happy with how it came out. The practice I did on the card for France really helped me get the result I wanted for my canvas.

I started out using a canvas that I did a paint pour on AGES ago. The colours were right so I knew it would work for the fall theme. I had trouble finding it in my craft room when I first went to look for it, but in the end I found it! LOL. The first thing I did was add some leave in gold modeling paste through a stencil to give it some added texture. I also splattered it with white gesso and added some white gesso along the edges to pop the other colours.

Then I had to make the barrells for the leaves. They turned out exactly how I wanted.

The next step was to add the chipboard pieces, the wooden letters and the baskets. 
It came together really well - exactly how I envisioned it!

To finish it off I added all the leaves and other ephemera. I am beyone happy with how it came out - I almost don't want to give it away! Here are some close up shots as well as the whole canvas.

I feel like I am getting caught up - I only have one more swap to finish to be completely caught up. And I have that swap about half done - but again I am going to leave that for another post. I also going to apply for a couple design teams so will have posts about them later as well. So till next time, stay crafty my peeps!

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