Saturday, 23 November 2019

So Paint Night last night was a lot of fun. And it turns out it is becoming a tradition as we realized this morning that we did the Christmas themed painting last year too. It was fun hanging out with my crafty friends!

Michelle and Tanya are my painting buddies.

It was so fun to go to a paint class again - it has been awhile!

Started by creating the Christmas tree and skirt.

Then added the "table" or whatever it is the globe is sitting on.

Then had to figure out where the globe would go and add lights.

Then painted the base.

Of course a snow globe needs snow!

And of course MY snow globe needed a moose. Since there was NO WAY I could draw anything that would resemble a moose, I was lucky that Mary (our teacher) did it for me!!

Here is a close up - I LOVE MY MOOSE!!

I have to say I really love the end result of this class - I painted a snow globe!

Everyone's turned out so great!!

My hubby and I also did some Christmas shopping today and I finally got the Christmas decoration I have been wanting for years - a light up moose for our yard. It is perfect!!!

The surprise party for my friend was also tonight and it went super well. She was completely surprised and she absoluetly loved the gift I made her - it made her cry (in a good way!!) I also made her  a handmade card. I used the background I played with using the technique from my Facebook group Mixed Up Creatives. I am really happy how it came out and I think I will make more cards using it tomorrow.

I plan on spending more time in the craft room so should have more pics to share later. Till then, stay crafty my peeps!!

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