Sunday 3 November 2019


So the last day of the crop was basically the die hards sticking it out to the very last minute. I didn't really get a whole lot done over the weekend, but it was a good theraputic experience for me to debrief after all the funeral stuff.

To start this post though, I have to post the stuff I knew I was going to forget from day two! The AMAZING Michelle from True North Cakery made us an unbeleivable Harry Potter cake. It looked so fabulous - and tasted really fantastic too. She always floors me with her fantastic cakes and this time was no different.

And we also decided to have a surprise for KC from Treasured. Sunday was her birthday and we wanted to do something JUST for her that wasn't crop related. So I asked Michelle to do a small cake just for her. Since she loves soccer so much we did a soccer ball. It was so fun and she loved it.

The other thing I forgot to post yesterday was the results of our HOUSE CUP!! It was so cool to see everyone participate and get into the spirit of the competition. Earlier in the evening when I told people that there wasn't much time left, Ravenclaw was in the lead. But then, just like in the books, Gryffindor came back from behind to win the cup!! The coolest part was that all the members of that house were still cropping so we were able to get a great group photo!!

As for Sunday's activities, of course it wouldn't be a crop weekend without some last minute make n takes. I had to do them all cause that is what I always do. And the "Boo" one also inspired me for a birthday card I wanted to make for my niece.

It was a great weekend. And even though I didn't do a lot, I did get a bunch of cards started. I wasn't sure what I was going to use them for. But it turns out I need thank you cards so these are going to work great for that. Makes me feel like I did accomplish something at least. And I got to play with my new stamps that Treasured Memories brought up for me.

Finally, it wouldn't be a library crop if we didn't have some complete die hards that had to stay till the very bitter end. ShawnaLee, Lisa and Heather seem to be the ones who compete to see who can last the longest cropping!! LOL

All in all, it was another hugely successful event. We have even picked our theme for next year. We are going to do Back to the Future. I can't wait. I will post more over the next week to get caught up on the other crafting I have been getting to as I try and get my life back to normal. So till then, stay crafty my peeps!!

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