Tuesday 19 November 2019

So I wanted to do a separate post about the canvases I worked on during my crop weekend - as I have several pictures of them and a story behind them. I figured they needed their own post.

I got the inspiration for these canvases from the Stampers Anonymous page on Facebook. I love their products - as you can tell by how many of them I own!! I follow them on Facebook and always love the stuff they post that people create. I saw this project a week or so ago and was instantly inspired as I own the Merry Moose die. My first thought was "I can do something like that" and I knew I had burlap canvases at home so figured this was a great project to work on during my craft weekend. Here is a shot of the project that inspired me.

I prepped a couple of the canvases I had at home, because even though they were burlap they already had other designs on them and I wanted to cover that up. So I gessoed them and painted them, as well as adding trees using paint through a stencil. I did this at home during the week as I didn't want to bring all my paints to the crop, not to mention the drying time!

The first thing I did with the blank burlap canvases I brought was to add trees to them as well. For these ones I decided to use heavy black gesso and used the same tree stencil to add it.

Next I cut out all the mooses I wanted, as well as a few of the trees that are part of the die cut set. I also punched out some other shaped trees with one of my Stampin Up punches. At this point I was all set up - just had to figure out how to finish the canvases!

It took a bit of thinking and playing around, but I eventually came up with what I wanted for the canvases and I absolutley love the end result. I wish the ones I had prepped at home I had used different paint as they came out a bit more pink than red, but I still am very happy with them. I kept the top one for me and gave the rest away to friends.

I also took a couple nicer pictures/close ups of the finished canveses, since the lighting in the gym where we had the crop was not really great!

One of the gals at the crop told me she liked mine better than the one I used as inspriation, so that was a nice compliment. She also told her sister I am our town's local celebrity scrapbooker (because I have been published), which I have to say made me blush! I really love how these came out - so much I think I might even want to make more! I just have to find more burlap canvases. Hope you like them too. Till next time, stay crafty my peeps!!

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