Monday, 14 November 2016

I think out of all the journaling that I did this weekend, this page is my favourite! I got inspiration and ideas from my crafty pal Wendy - you have to check our store W2Scrapbooking (the link is at the bottom of my blog).  It was really fun to do and I took pictures as I went so thought I would tell you what I did.

So I started out by mixing the Magenta Interference paint with some sting gel and then putting that through one of my new Stencil Girl stencils in my black art journal. It was this sorta white colour while still wet but then turned a shiny purple-y colour when dry!

The next step - as suggested by Wendy - was to paint the whole thing white and then while it was still wet to scrape off a bunch of the white paint using any kind of scrapping tool. Another cool result.

Wasn't sure at first where to go from here, but decided to add some black back over top using the same stencil.

Then the next step - again suggested by Wendy - was to add some pink back into the design. Which again turned out so cool!

Then to finish it off, I took some purple and painted it in a few places and again scrapped it off when it was wet - but this time I scrapped it off horizontally instead of vertically. As some final touches I added some words with my black fine liner and black paint splotches with a brush. I really love how this page came out!! Wendy is so fabulous for inspirational ideas!!!

So not sure how much I will post the rest of this week, as I will be getting ready to go the to city for my birthday scrapbook weekend, But I will either bring my laptop and post while I am gone, or I will do some posts when I get home. Till then, stay crafty my peeps!!

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