Tuesday 13 July 2021

Handy Husband

I am SO lucky that I have such a handy husband. I realized that I wanted another set of shelves for my craft room, as the ones he built me last year were great but I still needed more storage space! So he made me another shelf. This one is likely the last one - as I don't think I have room for another. Next step would be getting another house! LOL

This shelf is great because I am going to use the top to showcase some of my bigger projects, and then I have room for a whole bunch more albums, as well as more containers for goodies. I can be way more organized!! My crafty pal Paula couldn't figure out from the picture how I had room for this shelf so I had to show her the picture below to show her the orientation of the room (note: I did have two tables last time she visited, and I put one of those away in the garage!).

I am expecting a whole bunch of happy mail too, but so far I only got the one package in the mail. But still better than none at all! And now I have more adhesive for when I make my Colourize die cuts!!

I REALLY need to get down to my craft room tonight because I HAVE to finish the swap project I have on the go. I hate being this late with it - I am never late on swaps! So glad my partner understands! So till next time, stay crafty my peeps!

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