Wednesday, 29 April 2020

Well my crafty night last night didnt go as planned. Cori-Lyn had an unexpected emergency come up and we had to postpone the class. I was already down in my crafty room and all prepped, so decided to do ANOTHER journal class that I had signed up for. It was during the day on Monday so I couldn't do it live - I was going to do it tonight but with the change of plans I was able to finish it last night. It was put on by The Paper and Art Boutique and taught by my awesome crafty friend Nicole Wright. I really love how it came out - a really fun class for sure!

I also did a bit more work for the Steampunk tag I am doing for a swap. I wanted to make another set of figures with the Stamperia Mechanical Seaworld mold I have - I got some of their soft clay and wanted to see how differently that worked. They came out really great, but I had to do a bit of cleaning up on them. The octopus didn't stay together this time either, but again I am going to make the cracks work for the project! Now all I have to do is paint them.

The other thing I got yesterday was more happy mail - I got one of the swaps I was waiting for from a partner. It was a set of Easter themed ATCs - she sent me a great set along with some cool extras!

I think tonight I am going to do more work on the Steampunk Tag and the molds. So till next time, stay safe and stay crafty my peeps!

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