Monday 13 April 2020

Another great day in my craft room! Finished my big House Box project, and realized that I didn't show you the other things I worked on when I was in my room on Sunday! I was asked by a couple of my crafty pals to show them how I made my card backgrounds. I was also offered my pal Leona from Scrappy Apple Scrapbooking Supplies to do some demos of some of the products she carries. I love helping her out with her store so loved doing it!

So this is the first tutorial I did - my pal Dawn was having trouble using her alcohol inks and her alcohol lift ink, so I told her I would show her how I used them. Here is what I showed her.

I had the card base as well as the images I stamped off after I lifted them, so decided not to let them go to waste - I made a card! Here is how the stuff from the tutorial came out, as well as the card that I made out of them.

Next, I did the demo for the card backgrounds I was making. Like I said, my pals Kylie and Matt were the ones who showed me this technique. They do theirs slightly different - more layers. But I love how mine worked! Will have lots of them now for making cards.

The final demo I did was for the new Dina Wakely gloss sprays. I am not the best at this by a long shot, but wanted to show Leona's clients how I use them.  I think I did ok though.

Of course if you want to see how someone else uses them, make sure you check out the great video by Vicky Papaioannou.

As I said, I did finish off my house box project, but I think I will post that as a separate post. So till then, stay safe and stay crafty my peeps!

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