Thursday 30 April 2020

Since getting down to my craft room seems to be a daily thing, so are my blog posts. This pandemic is getting on my nerves for sure, but being creative certainly keeps me from going completely insane! I did more work on the Steampunk tag I am doing for a swap. I forgot to take photos of the next stage of the tag - I added shimmer pastes to the tag that I had painted black and added texture to. I will post those photos likely tomorrow. I also painted the figures I made out of the Stamperia soft clay. That was fun! Even with the soft clay there are some issues with them coming apart, but I will make it work! I love how they are looking.

More happy mail came for me yesterday too! I got another swap in the mail - two actually from the same person. We were partners in a butterfly tag swap and a Prima card swap. I love both of them, as well as all the goodies she gave me!

I decided not to do the follow along with Cori-Lyn from last night, only because it was just showing some techniques with how to stamp using a large stamp and the stamping platform. Since it was stuff I already knew how to do I didn't bother making a card. Instead, I ended up starting another journal page. I had fun back in February doing the Tracy Scott classes at Scrap Addicts and ended up joining one of her Facebook groups called Tracy Scott Creative Cafe. Last week she did a cool technique with some of her stamps and since I have several I thought I would try. Make sure to check out the video either in the cafe or on her YouTube channel. This one was really easy to follow (though the part where you block out the stamps by painting with a darker colour was a tad time consuming!)

The next step is to add the white pen detailing, which I will likely do tonight while I watch TV! Of course, that is after I do the re-scheduled art journaling page with Cori-Lyn. So should have more stuff to show you tomorrow! So till then, stay safe and stay crafty my peeps!

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